(Note: on the date 5-5-2000 a unique planetary alignment will occur causing all of the other planets to be on the opposite side of the sun to the earth. Many doomsayers are calling this the end of the world.)

The end is near my friends oh yes the end is near. First the date was to be 1-1-2000 but the doomsayers found themselves laughed at. Why would any divine being care how we tell time? Why would the world end on such an obvious date?

But those with a mind for astronomy looked farther into the future and found this alignment of the planets. They suddenly became experts on everything from gravitational forces to magnetic fields. If you listen to them they will tell you of great disasters to happen on this day caused by the solar storms and the gravitational pull.

Oh yes, the end is near, the end is near if you believe this muck.

If I could count all of the times in my own lifetime that people thought the world was going to end I would certainly see how much of a joke all of this is. This alignment has happened before and the world didn't suffer tragedy. It will happen again with the same effect.

It's also important to note my friends that the world will never end as long as humans keep their heads on their shoulders. If humans stay calm, smart and use their brains to find real problems and real solutions as opposed to spreading false panic we can and will overcome whatever is thrown into our paths.

So when the time rolls around, enjoy the weekend of 5-4 and 5-5-2000. Every scientist worth their salt in the field and every man with a mind for logic has shown it'll be safe to be outside. Lastly, don't fear the end of the world, no matter how close it may seem. It has been in reach for hundreds of generations and hasn't touched us once.

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