97 Percent

When I look into your eyes
I see that something has been left behind
through the smiles and gentle kisses
I see a heart still longing
a touch left unfulfilled
a kiss that is vapor to the wind

I'm ninety-seven percent of what you need
inches away from being complete
I could be your everything
your only wish
your only dream
if only I weren't so human
and so bound within myself

But instead I'm ninety-seven percent
leaving love unfulfilled
and dreams untouched
just an imperfect hand
grasping at perfection
watching as you drift to the horizon
with your sliver of emptiness eating you away
seeking perfection with longing eyes
leaving me behind with every step you take

I know it's only time until you're gone
the quest for completion pulling you away
leaving my only dream shattered
my everything gone
and the ninety-seven percent of what I was destroyed
Too imperfect to be immortal
and not enough to be your one true love
just inches away from keeping you
but miles away from feeling your embrace

I can only watch as you disappear
into the blinding horizon light
slipping into your perfect love
without my ninety-seven percent heart
or the emptiness it leaves inside

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85 Responses to 97 Percent

  1. angela says:

    I love this poem it is truely beautfiul!!! I love all of your poetry, you have iunspired me to write. Thanx keep it up!

  2. mike says:

    Great!! I liked the line "Just inches away from keeping you,but miles away form feeling your embrace"


  3. Christina says:

    Wonderful … you continue to amaze me with the meanings expressed within.

  4. serena says:

    hey Raven,

    I really like this poem, it has so much imagery and such an original idea. I like the idea of '97% of what you want', its so different to thousands of other poems that are written which stick to conventional ideas of breaking free or something like that. Well done Raven, definitely haven't lost your touch!

    luv serena

  5. Celia says:

    I loved this. I can kind of relate to what your saying. It's like you try so hard to be everything that someone wants and needs you to be, but your never 100% perfect. Great work, keep it up!


  6. gangrelated says:

    raven this is bueatiful it reminds me of why my recent x just broke up with me o was to perfect but i guess the 3% anger management wasent what she wanted well thanks for the poem and keep up the good work

  7. Ashley says:

    I loved it!!! I fell in love with 97% of the poem. Your poetry is beautiful and I hope one day mine will too. Keep up the good work. You've touched me once again.

  8. gina says:

    I honestly think that this is one of your best poems. It is one I can really relate to.

  9. Rawien says:

    Hey raven, Very nice poems, tis one of my favorites so far 🙂 Keep at it!

  10. Theresa says:

    This poem is So beautiful!! When I began Reading it I felt a tear form at the corner of my eye. You truly have a gift and Im guessing eveyone here is grateful your sharing your work with us.

  11. Prett_Kitty says:

    hey i really enjoyed this poem the funny thing is me and my boyfriend just decided to be friends and what u wrote is the way i feel but for some reason i could not put it into words and that is what u did thank u

  12. Jamie says:

    Wow, Impressive, Really. Keep at it, or I won't have anything to read on the internet. And, I wouldn't be able to promot you, and your gift on my own site… Thanks for continuously surprising me by your writing

  13. Martin Lewis says:

    That's a great poem. Reminds me of how I feel now.


  14. Meikou says:

    Its beautiful Raven.

  15. Andrea says:

    Another great poem. As always it's beautiful. Maybe one day I'll be as good as you, huh? heh. I love it, as I love all your work. I can't wait for the next.

  16. Forsaken Angel says:

    Another great beautiful poem
    97% of what i feel and all of which i try to hide

    Great poetry

  17. NecromanticAngel says:

    Nice job Raven. If I relate this to someone, I'm sure the person who seeks perfection will never find it. Nobody's perfect, one must accept that.

  18. Ivy says:

    You have done it again, another great poem. This poem reminds me of a person I know and how they feel or what they let me know at least. Beautiful poem.

  19. pyro_grl says:

    wow, your works are truly beautiful and amazingly able to relate with… keep up the beautiful work!!!

  20. MeteOrAChaos says:

    Wow…excelent job…It kind of reflects the way I am feeling right now…keep these awesome writes commin…

  21. Leaven says:

    A wonderful poem,dark yet beautiful!!Keep it up!Grtz from a belgian fan!

  22. sam says:

    that was really great i enjoyed it and as i can see so does everyone else really its great makes me feel like im not alone

  23. Danielle says:

    I've just happened to stumble across your website and I must admit I've fallen in love with your poetry. Your writing is beautiful. I find myself going back and reading certain poems over and over again so that I might really understand what you were feeling as you wrote those words. Some I can relate to and some…. just wow…. You've left me speechless… Good work!

  24. Sara says:

    I don't want to be like everyone else and say that it mirrors how I feel, or that I understand what made you write these words, the beauty of which makes me wonder if I can ever be as great as this, but I think maybe I can see in some way the emotions that could be behind this, knowing that perfection, while we know it can never be attained, is the very thing we're ever searching for. 97% is so close to whole, but sometimes even that much doesn't seem to be enough. I may not like all of your poetry, but all of what I've read strikes a resonating chord of recognition within me, and I know that the words that you say are as close to truth as any of us can get.

  25. Nima says:

    Don't let her fade away into the horizon.

  26. Michelle says:

    hey Raven, listen i really liked your poem and all so la di da and so forth. Now, usually i don't write anything after your poems 'cause there isn't really much to write; but your not logged on and i'm having an insomnia attack hehe and am bored out of my mind la la la la. i just forgot what your poem was about already so good luck with whatever it is you do la la. oh, and, um, yeah, whatever. la di da di da la!!!!!!

  27. JoJo says:

    this is greaat well dont hun

  28. Bran says:

    Ninety-seven percent has always been more than good enough for me. I'll never let you fade away.

  29. john says:

    to me this poem seems a little underdeveloped…being a poet myself i automatically look for flaws i each writing i see. it reminds me of a poem i read that one of my friends children wrote for his class… again i apolagize for being critical but i cant help it

  30. liea says:

    my heart beats with each word, its amazing the feelings that make this poem it comes alive in
    my soul.

  31. zyn says:

    WOW….ther aint a better word to describe it man..!! WOW !!!!!!!!! i gota say yo poem has REALLY inspired me..!!!

    yo no1 fan….!

  32. Shelly says:

    Your Best Yet!

  33. Brandi Kay says:

    that was really great.i really loved the begining it opend me up inside like a black rose under the full moon.

  34. Gumbie says:

    wow raven,
    that was so cool! It really brings sadful memories.

  35. Darkangel says:

    This is everything that i am. Thank you for putting into word the things I cannot. Your poetry is so touching. To be able to write that way must give you a freedom like no other. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all.

  36. FATA says:

    Wow..I REALLY like this one. I envy you..I wish I had your talent.

  37. Samantha says:

    I know exactly. It's happening with me also…

  38. Chelsey says:

    This is very good. I hope everything works out ok for you. Good writing and good style…. keep going!

  39. john says:

    hmm numbers and poetry dun really mix in my opinion… but still good

  40. Ireth says:

    I understand your bereavment b/c I am in a similiar situation. My problem is…not be able to "SEE" this person when he has sacraficed everything for me. I love him…yet I am not complete and I do not understand that. Maybe I just need to keep looking for myself…

  41. Ashley says:

    I understand what you mean and what you're talking about. I'm less than the 97% that you speak of, and it hurts. If I could be the perfect one hundred, then everything could be alright.

  42. Renee Silva says:

    Just reading the poem brought a tear to my eye and thats an oxy moron, you have great talent.

  43. Ahisha says:

    I am amazed. This poem really speaks to my heart. I have someone in my life like that. We have been through thick and thin, and we love each other dearly…but he wants to marry me, and I just feel like he isnt my 100% true love. It hurts so much for the both of us, because I want him to be, but my heart doesnt feel that way. Your poem is true, and you have amazing talent.

  44. heather says:

    wow that one is great, one of your best yet i rekon and sooo true bringin back awfull memories but still great

  45. Samantha says:

    Wow…it's like it fits my situation perfectly. Once again…well done.

  46. Emily says:

    wow…. thats basically all i can stammer. that is a really meaningful poem… way to go- i envy you for your talent!

  47. Jennifer says:

    That is an impressive talent you have, it really touched me on the inside. This is one of those poems I can read over and over again, and never get tired of it. Honestly, you have a trully impressive talent.

  48. candis says:

    the imagery is in this poem is outstanding you really have an extraordinary talent that you should explore and do more with. the poetry that you post on your website makes me wanna write i geuss it inspires me thanx

  49. jade says:

    hey raven this is an excellent poem..i really like the whole part…it reflects the inperfection of us all…how bautiful…jade*

  50. taylor says:

    so true, well done. i love that i can relate to it

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