A Goodnight Kiss

I don't know what it is about you
that always gets me this way.
But every time I see you sleeping
with your eyes fluttering gently
and your smile so warm and inviting
something deep inside breaks down
something frozen within melts
and washes away everything that's wrong
with the world as I know it.
For a brief moment the universe is perfect
and I feel I can do no wrong.
As I watch you clutch the sheets around you
pulling them warm and tight to your chin
I can find no fault in my life in the paths I have taken
or the decisions I have made.
I know that if my life were to end here and now
I would have reached the pinnacle of happiness
and perhaps some kind of deeper truth.
Because as I watch you sleep your perfect sleep
the sleep of the just
the sleep of the great
I know that even when happiness eludes my heart
and it seems the Gods are out to get me
that I can always borrow a smile
from your perfect dream
and a glimpse of a better world
in the reflections behind your fluttering eyes.

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