A Price Too High

What's the point of it all?
What makes it all worthwhile?
I've lost everything to this
My life, my home and now my art
I simply have nothing left to give
Because while you comfort
You also take away
And while you create
You also destroy
I never planned on this
Straddling the while line
Between love and hate
I need your smile
And your comforting hand
I need your love
And you next to me at night
But I need myself as well my love
I need to be who I am
Because without myself I am no one
And if I am no one, then we are nothing
You've given me more than I can return
I could never count the smiles
Or all the memories you've brought me
But I can count the pains
And there's but one
The pain you created
When you took my soul
Your share in this package deal
But I can pay you no more my dear
Because now the price is just too high
Even a lifetime of happiness isn't worth this
Losing and forgetting who I am
Because even though I'd never be alone
You'd be sleeping with a corpse at night

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