A Thousand Hands

You can hear the drums beating in the stands
Pounding out the chant of a thousand hands
From a lost generation that's been hurt too much
When we came out we were holding a crutch
They tell us that we're living in better times
Tell that to the tears rolling from our eyes
From drugs to guns man we've seen it all
When there was peace, I can't recall

Every morning I would go to school
To learn arithmetic and the golden rule
The big teacher taught us right from wrong
But on the playground right never lasted long
You see I learned more about reality
Getting kicked around and bloody-kneed
I spent my life curled in a ball
My hand broken from punching the wall
I tried to cry but the tears never came
Dig your nails deeper man, it's all the same
I was so filled with hate by the age of twelve
That into my heart, I dare not delve
Every night I'd ask the stars above
"Don't let me forget how to feel some love"
Right and wrong shift like the breeze
When you've living your life on your knees
I took my justice, in my hands
Because teacher wasn't there to make my stand
Though I was punished, I know not why
Right then I had to fight back or die

But now we're through living in your world
Consider this the first stone hurled
We're not letting life stay this way
too many have hurt, too many have paid
You've been deaf, for far too long
Even though you knew the truth all along
But I ask you world, "can you hear?"
The once-soft chorus is growing clear

You can hear the drums beating in the stands
Pounding out the chant of a thousand hands

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One Response to A Thousand Hands

  1. ticey girl says:

    i understand this poem like i was writing it thats how i feel sometimes and really dont know y

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