The world is run by the ignorant. Or so it has been said. Our world is growing in diversity and every ounce of prejudice is amplified many times over in this new age. With the black man and the white man in the same neighborhoods, the same schools and the same churches, acceptance is becoming important.

No society can move forward with hate eating at it's foundation. That is to say all hate. Hate for other countries, other religions and other races must must be tossed aside before a society can move forward. After all, what is the point of a society whose purpose is to destroy anothers?

Others claim to get rid of one sect is to "purify" the whole society. Societies with diversity have historically thrived. If the cost of a pure society is a unilateral view, that will cause slowing down on all key indicators such as arts and technology, then a pure society is not worth the effort.

Even the American flag has three colors, why shouldn't the American people. We were founded upon the ideology that all men were created equal and other ideals such as religious freedom. To restrict anyone who is not violating your rights, is by definition un-american and most importantly unhuman.

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