I combed the earth in desire
Now gasping for breath my life is dire
I see the end I see the fire
the flames drown out the singing choir
Below the cloud that heaven brings
Lays a child of senseless things
But now I have to ask you why
there's not an angel as I die…

I lived my life all for my own
Now in death a toppled throne
Now the light's no longer shown
And in the fire I am thrown
Now the night falls long at last
I see so clearly my horrid past
All I can do is stay and cry
because there's not an angel in the sky…

I know in time the tears will pass
I lay there encased inside my brass
My soul is empty, turned to glass
My body gone now feeds the grass
The earth is now my hellish home
It's now the place I'm doomed to roam
But now I see your lie
I'm not an angel when I die…

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