Anger # 5

Whisper to God your prayers
to keep away the nightmares
Then dare to look inside
in that place where you hide

So wipe away the tears
and tell me all your fears
to compare them all to mine
you'll watch me cross the line

Show me the wrists that you slit
and tell me about your pit
then look deep into my eyes
and see where real pain lies

I know you can't compare
with my evil stare
So silence to all your lies
I'm deaf to all your cries

For you I can't feel
because your pain's not real
You may think you're dead
but it's all inside your head

Let time remove your tears
and get yourself away from here
because it's you that I seek
to feed the small and weak
It's now things turn bleak…

Note: This work was originally
posted in the Poetry Section.
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Anger #5

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