Another Poem

I know this world
will always do me wrong
I now see that pain
hidden in each song
I loved and lost for a while
But now I've forsaken my smile

I opened my heart
to let the joy inside
then I watched it turn to black
as my love began to hide
I see the pain that I feel
But I just don't know if it's real

I know this world
will always pass me by
it doesn't really matter
if I smile or if I cry
My name will stay without a face
My love will stay without a place

So as time goes on
in shadows I will stay
my love, my light
will never see the day
Because while the night is cold
It keeps my hopes in it's hold

I may never smile
but in my eye will hang a tear
but it's not one for sadness
instead it's out of fear
Because a future cold and black
will expose my every crack

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