I know that this is the first page most people go to when they visit a site such as this. Before jumping into the poetry or the other literature people usually take a break to find out what they can about the author.

It is also tradition, or at least custom, for the author to provide the desired information. However, I am rather unusual in this regard. I pride myself on my privacy and enjoy my relative anonymity. I chose my name well and I intend to keep it until it no longer suits the situation.

So, with that in mind I will provide some information for you but please do note. I will keep the details extremely sketchy by design.

Birthdate: 08/13/1980
Sex: Male

6'0, 145 lbs, with long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Marital Status: Happily Taken, Betrothed, Engaged, In Love, Practically Married, All of the Above
Desired Profession: Professional Webmaster, Advertising Specialist or graphic designer
Hobbies: Writing, Web Page Design, Graphic Design, Internet Security and Music
Favorite Authors: Edgar Allan Poe, David Ogilvy, Robert Frost and Anton LaVey
Favorite Musicians: Metallica, Local H, Rorschach Test, Rob Zombie, Megadeath and almost anything decent from the 80's
Hopes for the Future: This site to be even more successful…

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