It must truly be wonderful to be a bird. The freedom to go wherever, do whatever and be whoever, whenever you please must be an incredible thrill. I often wonder how much birds really understand about our rat-race lives. How much do their tiny minds comprehend about our existence.

Do they know that the building on which they perch is a courthouse, a place in which men's lives are altered daily? Do they realize that the wire on which they sit is a telephone wire that is currently carrying conversations between dozens of people who are miles and miles apart? Do they realize that the city they fly over is home to hundreds of thousands of people each with their own lives, troubles and stresses? Of course not, they needn't concern themselves with such things, after all, they are birds.

The birds life is definately a simple one, food, safety, mating and maybe tending their young. There are no bird divorces, just couples whose job is done. There are no abusive bird fathers, just parents that shove their young out of the next a little to early. Death is a part of life to a bird and life is a part of death.

Even if we can not say how a bird things, we can observe how it acts. Flying from place to place, eating when hungry, sleeping when tired and most importantly sharing the perfect view of us, in our frantic, on-the-go lives. They move about like tiny vagabonds watching everything we do and judging nothing of us.

In the end it's rather funny, many claim to be "bird watchers" or something to the like. But in truth it is they who are watching us with their great view from above. Though they take no notes, remember little and almost never interfere, they are probably the foremost experts on the human race. Watching us without us caring, seeing our trials and joys, seeing us for who we are.

While we may never be able to understand the birds, we can certainly assume they understand us. Perched high above like kings on a throne of brick and mortar, they watch their subjects move about, they study us no doubt, they study us and find us interesting or at least, entertaining.

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