Black Magic

On a starless night
so many years ago
you pulled me deep inside
with a single kiss.
I was just a child
still frightened by the dark
hiding in a corner
nursing a wounded heart

I was broken
and so pathetic
just a willing victim
for your black magic

You walked away
and left me there to die
with my heart still beating
and my blood still boiling.
I wiped away the tears
and grew strong inside.
Now I stand here ready
to face you again

So throw it my way
hit me with everything
I’m not frightened
by black magic

When this battle’s done
I’ll hold my head up high
as the conqueror standing proud
over his fallen foe.
You could never
hold a candle to me
and as you run away
maybe you’ll see.

I’m the new master
of your witchcraft
and I’m stronger
than your black magic

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One Response to Black Magic

  1. Nyjoel & Sean says:

    hey raven i really enjoy your poetry it really envolves into my soul it really compares to me, umm this one inpaticuliar couse i just got out of a relationship that the girl iwas with was like blackmagic, greaat poetry keep it up man!- Sean

    sounds good man keep on writin like that man ur goin places -Nyjoel

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