Blanket of You

Sometimes when the weather is doing it's worst
And the rain is turning into ice
And the ice is turning into snow
I reach for a warm fire
And to wrap myself in a blanket of you

While it's not the warmth that keeps men alive
It certainly keeps me from feeling cold
It warms a man's soul
Heating him from the inside out
Like coals to a fire
Or wind to the ocean
It pushes me onward
And if I ever need protection
From one of life's many chills
All I need to do
Is wrap myself in a blanket of you

This is why no matter how horrid the weather
Or cruel the demons of life may be
I'll always have a respite
From the hardships of the world
And to find whatever warmth I crave
All I need to do is wrap myself in a blanket of you

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One Response to Blanket of You

  1. Dark-Dee10 says:

    You Have Left Me Completely Speechless…….Great Work And Great Chioce Of Words

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