As one walks around the streets of any large city in any country of the world, it becomes obvious that people are going to great lengths to blend in with those around them. It's as if nature's laws of hiding in plain sight has taken hold in the middle of the urban sprawl.

Watching a large group of people walk by is a lot like watching a herd of zebras zoom by. Their dress and demeanor makes it difficult to tell where one human begins and another ends until they blend into a giant mass of humanity that acts and thinks like a single unit.

One would expect a giant hunter to be waiting in the windows of every building waiting to pick off the weak one in the group or a lion to be perched atop every awning ready to throw himself tooth and nail into the pack.

It's as if the concept of the lone wolf has become extinct and for a human to survive he must be a pack animal. Damn he who strikes out on his own for he is now the first to fall before the invisible predator looming in the shadows.

But I remind you dear friends, that such a predator does not exist. Just a figment of the world's collective imagination and is only as dangerous as the fools that believe it. Keep that in mind when donning the camouflage to avoid him, remember what you are truly trying to hide from.

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