I am a captive of a brutal and inhuman race that is not my own. I have seen and experienced many things that would make the average person tremble in fear and horror. But now I finally get a chance to tell my story.

I was taken from my mother when I was just two months old and moved to where I am now. I'm sure my being taken away was much harder on my mother than on me and I think about her every single day. What was she like? How would she have treated me differently than my captors? If I could just see her for a few minutes it would change my life forever. But it's no use, she's probably dead.

My captors are very different from me. They speak a different language (which I have been able to pick up a few words in) than me. The only words that I know are commands that order me to do embarrassing and demeaning trips or stunts in exchange for not being beaten. On the other hand my captors obviously don't understand a word that I say. They try occasionally but all I hear are sporadic buts, ands, and thes. The best my captor has done is "I surrender," which made absolutely no sense at the time.

The only way for me to get through to them is with simple gestures like shaking my head or pointing for them to come somewhere with me.

I fortunately don't have to work. I also have a small house that is microscopic compared to my captor's home. Me and all of my friends have tight restrictions on where we can go and when we can consume our small rations. Some people can only move a couple of feet while others can go practically anywhere they want to. It all depends on the generosity of their respective captors.

I have seen many brutal things in my time. One person was shot because he was declared useless. Another was starved for three days straight because he disobeyed his captor, and one was just forgotten about and left to die.

Right now I would give anything to get out of here. I would even kill for a chance to escape. I fear that I can not reside in this Hell much longer before I go insane. So please, if anyone will help me, my name is Max; I'm a German Shepard.

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9 Responses to Captors

  1. Jade says:

    God im gonna look at my dogs differently

  2. Kathryn Keirnan says:

    I just wanted to say you are a fabulous writer. I honestly thought u were talking from the viewpoint of a person until the end. I certianly wont look at my dog the same! But you brought up a wonderful point. And if Max is a real dog, pat him on the head for me.

  3. nobody important says:

    at the begining, i assumed it was a dog but i continued reading from the veiw of a person. its really great and shows the truth about animal cruelty.

  4. robyn says:

    You are the master!

  5. Ashley Moss says:

    i first read this story and wondered what it could be about i thought maybe a scientist captured by canibals or somthing like that but that the end it said he was a dog it made me think of my dog and other people's dogs now i take care of my dog i love her alot but other people never seem to care its sad.

  6. Lauren says:

    hehe this was menna be my research for school on hostages then i got to the end and its about a dog looks like i'm gunna fail. never mind. great story though !!!

    Lauren xxx

  7. Steve says:

    Interesting… I didn't think it was from the point of view of a human until the end. You've got a way with words, Rave.

  8. natalie says:

    i love ur stories raven.i write a lot as well when i'm feelin low so i have hundreds of stories.but yours make me temporarily happy with the amount of power behind them.

  9. Yanzki says:

    sheesh poor dog.. poor soul

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