Charming the Devil

I hooked you with a single stare
It was over before it began
Like fallen pray you were lying there
Holding death within your hand
You had a void and I touched you there
With the ease I rubbed my hand
There was a devil in your despair
A devil at my command
What I brought, you were unaware
That it was the best you had to give
But all you took from our affair
Are the fears you must relive
But don't forget in your prayers
That all I did was make you bare
And to place the blame for your scare
It's in the mirror you must stare
Because I can not bring to open air
What already isn't there

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One Response to Charming the Devil

  1. Heather&kristy says:

    oh my god dude thats so awsome rock on dude.2 thumbs up man totally

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