I remember when I was a child
and nothing ever seemed worthwhile
I fell to knees my for praying
It was the wrong game that I was playing
So young but never cracked a smile
Just trying to survive for a while
every night I cried myself to sleep
the pain inside just sank too deep
but through all the tears and yearning
I found there was a fire burning
I lit the torch in my soul
let the flame fill my hole
and the tears they began to dry
as I stared deep into my eyes
a forgotten childhood spent insane
the memories only bring me pain
But every time I dare to strive
I know that I will survive
I won't be fate's little toy to hold
In my heart, I'm just too bold
too solid after all these years
to every stumble on my tears
because you can't breaks what was broken
even with the words left unspoken
But now that everything is worthwhile
maybe I can even spare a smile
Crimson stained for contrast
with the blood of my demons in the past

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