Closer To You

How we long for nights like these
Where time seems to freeze
In the chilly midnight air
And we have nothing to do
But hold each other tight
In a warm, tender embrace
But as I strain to pull you closer
Close enough to feel your heartbeat
Pounding in my hands
I see that no words are worthy
Of how I feel right now
And close to you
Is never close enough

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2 Responses to Closer To You

  1. Carly Smith & Heather Goodwin says:

    Heather=this sounds like something that is deep inside your heart, something that you pulled up just to show someone how you feel. it is an awesome poem and it reminds me of some of my friends and their feelings.
    Violent Carl=when heather and i read this poem, we can picture in our minds two poeple next to a bon fire spending their last night together. this poem stirs alot of old memories. thank you.
    your faithful reader,
    Violent Carl…and Heather!

  2. Lacey L. says:

    I love this poem so much wow, it just makes me remember of my bf and just bring back all the good mems. I think i speek for everyone that you really put all of ur heart into it. It just make me think about everything good and it helps me try and not miss him as much as i really do 🙂 Thank you.
    Lacey L.

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