We live in a commercial world my friends. We’re told what's valuable, like we don't know what's important. Like children we can no longer tell what’s necessary and what’s just nice to have. Needs are now created and seldom met, because a met need doesn’t sell a product.

Promises are hurled at us faster than our ears can take them in. There’s no way to tell who’s lying and who’s honest anymore. Will that product really do it’s job? Or is it just a gimmick with no value? It’s hard to tell these days.

Everything is new and improved and if it’s not new, it’s broken. Everything is meant to be discarded and replaced. Cars last but a few years and the shelf-life of a computer is comparable to bread.

We’ve gone from selling products to pushing them like drugs. Everything is crammed down our throats and every dirty trick to make the cash register ring is used. Everything is sexy, everything is cool and nothing has any value on it’s own it seems.

But what can we do when nothing is worth anything save the dollar value attached. For no money down we can buy a human soul and for 0% interest we can own his will too. I suppose souls just come cheaply these days, it’s supply and demand, everyone wanting to sell and no one interested in buying.

If everyone was happy, the economy would virtually shut down. That’s why the people must be made miserable. The full must be made to feel hunger, the popular must be made to feel unacceptable, the content must be made to feel uneasy. If they can make us feel pain, they can sell us a product to stop it.

So what can we do? How do we protect ourselves from this assault on our happiness? Do we simply turn away from the images and not look back? Can we somehow filter what we see to decipher the good from the bad?

We can’t do anything truth be told, every flat surface large enough to hold a poster has an ad for something. Television and magazines may provide free entertainment, but at what human cost? Can we afford to cash a check with our souls that our purse couldn’t hold? Can we sacrifice our will just to avoid staring into the void of silence?

It appears the answer is no because the stream of images keeps on coming and human beings keep exchanging everything they have just to avoid being bored, just to avoid having to think for themselves.

So kick your feet back and make your money, might as well. It’s better to be a shepherd than a shorn sheep, it’s better to be a leader than a mindless zombie….

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2 Responses to Commercials

  1. Valerie says:

    Another piece I swear you stole right from my head. I really ought to get a better lock for my thoughts, the one they advertised as unbreakable has been broken and…

    oh yes, the rant.

    As true as all you are saying is, and as frustrating and tiring it is to try to convince those who are "mindless zombies" buying into it is, we find ourself doing it as well. "mindless" is a great word for it.

    In the end, our battle to see truth and defeat it ends in dispair. Another useless piece of information clouding our minds and allowing the subconsious to win. Or… just maybe… perhaps… it is another key in the puzzle that will lead us to the conquer it.

    But what is it we reach for? Truth? A greater understanding? Happiness?

    People who write with such power as yourself has to have a goal. Though by leafing through your rants I somehow doubt that you yourself know what that goal is.

    Attain first. Realize goal later.

    Right! Back to the battle!

  2. jenny says:

    i agree with everything that was just said! i also think that it takes up half your life. and when your watching a show, your really watching more cumercials than the show.


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