What do we have if not ourselves? Of all the people on the planet the only person we are each obligated to spend the rest of our lives with is indeed ourselves. While others may die or leave unexpectedly, we are stuck with ourselves and who we are until we meet our own ends.

It's a gross injustice that people feel compelled to ignore who they are just for the sake of acceptance. Worst yet, it's the most fleeting kind of acceptance they seek, the acceptance of peers and society as a whole. There is nothing more apt to change than the attitudes of society and nothing more set to leave you cold and bare than the whims of those around you.

Yet I watch in horror as people sell their souls, piece by piece, in hopes of finding some kind of pseudo-friendship in the here and now rather than working for true friendships in the future.

I am who I am, I can not change that and would not if I could. I dress as I dress, talk the way I talk and act the way I act out of an understanding that if I stay true to myself, then only those who will remain true to me will be willing to stay close.

If the world has a problem with me, that is fine. It's the price of not selling out to the lower authority. I will not tone down my act and niether should anyone else. Because even if I don't like you or the way you are, I will not hold it against you, unless you deny your heart.

So go forth as I have and spit in the face of the world, lynch the nazis who see individuality as an unprofitable venture and do what you do best, be yourself. After all, the individual, the non-conformist, the iconoclast is the greatest threat of all. Any man or woman ready to stand on his or her two feet is the enemy of the world, and in the end, my best friend.

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