You and I are connected already. I wrote this piece and you've read it so we share a connection. We also share a connection with all the people who have read this work. We share a connection with the countless people who watch the same television shows, read the same books and listen to the same music. Whether we want to or not, we are connected to the world.

While this means that those of us with intellect are connected to the millions of fools, it also means that we have ties to those we look up to and admire. While it does mean that we are influenced by the world around us, it also means we move it in at least a small way.

After all, what is a connection but just a thing two people have in common. Two people who have brown eyes are connected, the same as two people with red hair. Anything and everything can and will be used as a connection, connections are the "common ground" we find ourselves so desperately trying to seek and in desperate times, even idiotic things can be the basis of a strong partnership.

But in this society we focus on our differences. We look for ways to break connections and separate ourselves from others. Some people do it intentionally, others do it by accident. This is very understandable, with more people than ever before and more ways to connect the fear of mob rule and crushed individuality is strong and very real. We have to separate ourselves some in order to be who we truly are.

However, as time marches on the connections will only grow in number and strength as will the backlash to them. People will deny and fight their ties to the world as much as they can only to realize when it's far too late that they are as much the sum of their influences as they are the sum of their own ideals.

Every action we take opens a connection to those who have done it as well. Even though we will rarely meet these people whether we want to, or not.

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