Crescent Moon Rising

It's on the darkest night
after a silent day
that love begins to turn cold
and hate comes out to play
I can only hope
that this pain will subside
I know that my love is true
I want you by my side
but I can't think of joy
just these tears that I cry
Maybe all this shows
is that my heart is just a lie
there's something in the air right now
something's just not right
because it's whispering
that I should be alone tonight
I only hope you can understand
and forgive me for all my strife
my only goal right now
is to find some joy in my life
Because in the end
I'll set things right
I'll be open to all
and my heart will see the light
But tonight my dear
the air is thick with pain
I have these tears to cry
and demons to be slain
So I just beg you to understand
I don't wish to live a lie
So spend some time on your own
and leave me here to cry

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