Crystal Night

I walked out one crystal night
and the air was cold and black
every star held bright and true
against it's midnight back
The moon hung low above the trees
as silent as a ghost
and I sat there in the fields
as frigid as a post
This night was so gorgeous
just like a movie scene
and even the trees kept still
to keep my view pristine
My mind began to wonder
through thoughts about this place
It wished to share with someone
nature's purest face
But around me there was not a soul
not a heart to make a sound
and I knew I was all alone
when I began to look around
Then my heart felt empty
like the space between the stars
I knew the night alone
couldn't heal all my scars
So with that I began to walking
back into the night
i knew that I would need someone
to help me win this fight
So now I must leave this scene
until some other time
Because until I can share it
it's just a song without a rhyme

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