Dark Mirror

I've looked into a mirror
and scared myself to death
my eyes are so cold and evil
it's hard to draw a breath

I know that my pain is deep
so deep down inside
that there is not a single soul
no one for me to hide

My friends all say they care
and that they understand
but when I'm going through the valleys
I walk alone through this land

The days are darker than death
and take all of their time
and spend it all crushing me
what is this evil crime?

But the truth will be known
albeit when I'm gone
because my days are numbered
just like the words of a song

But until that day arrives
the mirror will be a sight
my eyes so cold, hollow
and black as the darkest night

So when we meet one day
don't sympathize over me
inside I've already died
so please just leave me be…

Leave me be….

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