Distant Heartbeat

Knowing that you are so far away
I hug the air around me tight
In my mind dreaming it's you
I opened my heart as I opened my mouth
To kiss your sweet red lips
Sometimes I breathe deep
In hopes of catching your scent
Sometimes I can my love
Sometimes I smell your hair
The same as sometimes I hear your laugh
Though they are but echoes fading
Fading into the darkness of my mind
Still they boom and echo
Deep within a hollow heart
Filling it with love that few have felt
Though many have dreamt
I belong to you love
As you belong to me
But until the next time I hold you
Until the next time I kiss you
Until the next time I'm with you
When I need you, I'll close my eyes
And hold you tight
Tight, Tight Tighter
Until I can feel your heartbeat in my hands

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