Dream Catcher

Hello my friend
whom I see looking down on me
like a ghost
dangling from my bedpost
Hello to he who call himself
dream catcher
or the catcher of dreams
You protect me
save me
and keep the nightmares away
But since I hung you
all those nights ago
I have not dreamt at all
Now every morning I wake up
and wonder if I've slept a wink
Have I no good dreams to dream?
Is there nothing good in my soul
left for me to dream about?
Oh dear dream catcher
the catcher of my dreams
I ask you humbly
with the kindest words
and the purest heart
To please catch a dream for me
Give me something to dream about
some reason to go to sleep
You must see many dreams
at least a million every night
So can you please spare one for me?
Please do not be selfish old friend
Please protect me no more
Because like a father who gouges
the eyes of his son
to protect him from the cruel world
you blind me to save me
and kill me to keep me alive
I beg you dear friend
let the dreams flow free tonight
Because now
more than any other night
I need the dreams you store

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