Electric Touch

I remember the electricity
when our hands first touched
the newness
the excitement
the taste of the forbidden.

It was a breaking of tension
the end of a game
and the beginning of so much more

As our lips touched
tasting each other
first softly
then firmly
then openly
we watched our inhibitions float away
turning unthinkable thoughts
into heavenly deeds
as our willpower collapsed
in the wind a quivering breath

But as we fade from mortal souls
and slip into a torrent of passion and desire
let's not fool ourselves about forever
nor pretend this is something grand

Let's be in love for one night
so we can watch it fade
when the morning comes

Let's live a lifetime
in these moonlight hours
and never look back in the dawn

Because we both have lives to lead
and our own trails to blaze
and even though tonight we burn for each other
our fire will smolder and die
under the weight of the morning dew

And then we can spend the rest of our lives
forgetting about this night
the night we gave in to an electric touch
and caressed away our deepest desires

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53 Responses to Electric Touch

  1. Gabby says:

    Hello.. i found this site on a poetry paper.. and then i started reading and i just love every poem i have read so far. Especially this one.. it just jumped out at me. I was in a realationship with a guy and this poem reminded me of it. We were so in love at first and then it just became desires. But i just love your work and i love reading ur work. Thank you for being such a awesome poem and serious we need more of those. I love to write also and i just love ur poems.. thank you..

    gabby sweet

  2. Lily says:

    adn when the morning comes and the sun shines out love will smoulder and die and the flames which once danced so wildly will fall to ashes in the morning breeze…
    aww love is such a beautiful thing

  3. Natasha says:

    i love this poem its realy touching it went straight to my heart.
    thank you for writing this poem it tought me a lesson.

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