Father Time

Time never stops, it never slows down, it never takes a breath. Life goes on. Just because we're fond of sayings like "The day the earth stood still" or "Time froze for a second" doesn't mean they're true.

Just ask a doctor in a emergency room. The sick and wounded come in every hour of every day, 365 days a year. There is no holiday for their field, there is no break and there is no respite, for their field is the field of preserving life, the measuring stick of time, and life, as they quickly discover, is always happening. Always.

Through all of the big events of our lives, father time has stood there watching, doing what he does best, counting the minutes and seconds off as he always has. Through births and deaths, tragedies and triumphs and everything in between he's been there, watching, counting.

He won't slow down for us, nor anyone else. He doesn't care about the plight of mortals. He's just an impersonal force, personified solely for our comfort, constantly pushing the universe forward, spinning the planets and making everything work.

But yet we try to stop time. We hide its effects. We bury the lessons it teaches us and do everything we can to forget its existence and hold on to the precious moments it gives us. Invariably, we fail. Like a fool wielding a book of arcane magic we try to wield powers we know nothing about, could never hope to attain or even think about reaching. To him, we're merely mice clawing at the wall of our cage, trying futilely to break down barriers we don't even understand.

But it's probably a good thing that we fail so pathetically. Who knows what would happen if the clock ever did stop? Who knows what effect that would have on the universe, on ourselves and our lives.

For time is not our realm my friends, though it is a cruel master, impersonal to the core and careless to say the least. The father of eternity is best left to his own devices. We need to leave him to his own path, the path he's been cutting all along, straight a head… one second at a time…

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2 Responses to Father Time

  1. Bran. says:

    Like Death himself… Father Time does his job. Yet we put human emotion to these age-old figures, and call them "cruel"…

  2. katie says:

    you're right again raven. we should no want to change time because we do not know what effects it could have upon us. it might make something better but who knows what kind of horrific effects it could have on us all in the future or even the past.

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