First Frost

It’s the first frost of the year
and there you lie
sleeping soundly
peaceful, like a child
It’s nights like these I remember
why I fell in love
Something about how we fit together
to keep each other warm
and how I’d gladly spend eternity
hand in hand, holding you close
It’s truly beautiful how our kisses
are shrouded in a cloud of vapor
How we can see our words
and how they linger in the air
as if to hold their meaning forever
while we tighten our grasps
the world is plunged into ice and snow
but like an old lady covering her flower
we protect each other from the howling winds
and offer shelter from the cold
That’s why on this coldest night
I fear no chill
I hate no wind
for while my body may shiver
and my fingers go numb
my trembling lips will always find yours
and will never speak another name

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