Five More Minutes

Every night when I hold you
the world just seems so right
To this day I can’t believe
that the woman in my arms is mine.
It’s like a cross between two dreams
to watch rising sun dance across your face.
Just knowing that you’re there to wipe the tears
stops them before they seep out.
What twist of fate was it
that brought our two souls together?
Did the Gods just mercifully smile upon us?
or did nature make some mistake?
Is this all true? or just another fantasy?
Could this heart beating so close to mine
truly be in love with me?
Or is it just another illusion
one of nature’s cruelest tricks.
If so then all of this joy, all of this heaven
would be just another passing dream.
But if I am dreaming, then let me sleep
Let me spend five more minutes
just five more minutes like this
Because once I wake
If I wake
I know I’ll never love again
because a love like this
can’t be repeated
and a dream like this
you don’t return to.

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