Friends or Lovers

We traveled the world on separate paths
stealing glances between the trees
and sharing moments from afar
Though our voices could call out in comfort
our hands could never touch
and no matter how dear or true
our hearts might have been
they could never beat as one

As we moved along
two lives in parallel
we swapped stories on quiet nights
and bared ourselves like never before
we marched forward
pushing through tragedy and triumph
with a constant eye to the path beyond
aching for what awaited through the howling trees

Though we picked up fellow travelers
and bonded with other souls
the face beyond the trees haunted us both
But as two lives in parallel
doomed never to meet
we made our own happiness
and found our own dreams
while waiting for the two paths to meet

Yet, even as we wished on every star
for our roads to intersect
we knew we could be in the arms of another
unable to share the desired embrace
Still, no cruel twist of fate
could keep our two souls apart
and whether we meet as friends or lovers
neither shall endure a broken heart

So as we stand here silently
two faces between the trees
let's raise our glass
to toast the stars
and give thanks to friends and lovers
For no matter which role you play
the result will be the same
two hearts will be light
at least for one day

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64 Responses to Friends or Lovers

  1. marvin says:

    somethign really similar happened to me but it seems my friend is tryign to push me away. i can use this poem to bring me hope. its lovely and very true. but i am giving up on hope and move on leaving my friend behind…

  2. Brandon says:

    i think this is avery good poem and i would like to remember it some day in the future!!!! i love it

  3. DeathDealer says:

    Love is perhaps the only glimspe of eternity we are permitted….

  4. jess knight says:

    thats so cool ive read a couple of your poems and this is a pretty good one

  5. brittany benett says:

    I loved your poem I thought that it takes alot of talent to be able to write ike that you are a very talented person

  6. dark flower says:

    I think that your poem was awsome and that you worked very freaken hard on it you must have alot of talent and pain.

  7. Griselda says:

    i think it was awsome, i cryed so hard lol, im emo what can you say

  8. carry says:

    wow! nice poem!

  9. Nicole says:

    wow! thats a very powerful poem. i loved it.

  10. ~KaYlA~ says:

    Reminds of somthing about me!!!!!!!!

  11. ShaDow says:

    when i read this it reminded me alot of one of my friends that always kept me in limbo, although i'd have too say i now where me and her stand now… we don't talk i nope yours ended better than mine did

  12. Goth Angel says:

    I have read this poems so many times, and each time it feel more real than the time before.

  13. popalishus says:

    This got me so much. it makes me think of someone extreamly special to me.
    keep reaching people with your words.

  14. Blake says:

    Reading this has opened my eyes to me and my best friend. Me and her have never been closer and i am thankful! Thank you Raven for saving our friendship!

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