Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Doubletalk

George W. Bush has had a lot of great lines as a President. Between his famous foul-ups of the English language (AKA: Bush-isms), his homely, often religious, quotes that seem to make little sense and his various fibs/half-truths, the Bush presidency has produced more one-liners than your average Rodney Dangerfield performance.

However, few, if any, of these lines truly earned their place in the "Double Talk Hall of Fame". Unlike Clinton, who was so renowned for his double talk he was became known as "Slick Willie", Bush has almost always been direct, frank and to the point. So, even though he might be an idiot, he might be a zealot and he might be a liar, he's never tried to play both sides.

That was, until last week.

It was then, after the Supreme court struck down anti-sodomy laws, giving the gay rights movement a tremendous shot in the arm, that Bush found himself pressed on the issue of gay and lesbian marriage, the next logical step and something Bush clearly opposes. It was there our defiant Republican President uttered these words, "(It is) Important for society to welcome each individual… (but) I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, and I think we ought to codify that one way or another."

To call this a beautiful example of doubletalk would be an understatement. I have to wonder if Bush's writers thought they were geniuses for devising a way to appear tolerant of gays and lesbians, while holding firm on the issue of gay marriage, essentially, a way to appeal to the "moral" right, while trying to remain a centrist President.

Unfortunately for Bush, his doubletalk is more than obvious. As Clinton found out when asking for the definition of "is" in a federal courtroom, speaking out of both sides of your mouth only gets you in more trouble.

You see, to me, having respect for someone means more than just saying you do, it means treating the person like an equal and, as a politician, that means ensuring that that they have equal rights under the law and that they have the same opportunities you do.

However, by denouncing gay marriages, you're denying a large portion of our population some of the basic rights and freedoms heterosexuals enjoy. These rights go well beyond just the freedom to get married, but also encompass a great deal of other rights. Here are a few examples of benefits life-long homosexual couples will never share that heterosexual ones can:

The right to own property jointly.
The right to file taxes as married and receive tax breaks/credits.
The right to adopt children as a couple.
The right to be at your mate's side if they're sick or injured.
The right to receive benefits in the event of your partner's death.
The ability to receive property in the event your significant other dies without a will.
The ability to naturalize a non-citizen.
The ability to share insurance coverage.

As you can see, this isn't just an issue of the government not recognizing a certain kind of relationship, but an issue of the government denying an entire segment of the population a series of rights and privileges that others probably take for granted.

Even though it's technically true a homosexual man can marry a woman, if they fail to consummate the marriage, which would almost certainly be the case, the marriage is considered invalid and can be annulled. Besides, getting married solely for the benefits of marriage, be it citizenship or insurance, is known as marriage fraud and is a crime punishable with jail time.

So, long story short, the way Mr. Bush shows his "respect" for gays and lesbians is to force them to choose between an invalid marriage, complete with possibility of jail time, and going their lives without these potentially important rights. It doesn't seem very respectful does it?

But Bush covers up his disrespect by saying he's "preserving the sanctity of marriage" by defining it as being a union between a man and a woman. While that sounds well and good, the second part of his double talk holds no more water than the first part.

First off, no one is talking about gay and lesbian marriages. No nation in the world or state in the nation allows gay and lesbian marriages. Rather, they allow "civil unions" or other, non-marital pairings. Gays and lesbians have been, on the whole, fine with this terminology and only want the rights and privileges that come with being married, something civil unions provide. Most gays and lesbians realize that terms such "marriage", "husband" and "wife" don't apply to their relationships and are seeking new terms to define their pairings.

Second, if Mr. Bush respected gays and lesbians as much as he claims, he would have spent at least some time around them. If he had done that, he would have seen that the love shared in a gay or lesbian couple is the same love shared between a heterosexual couple. I've seen it first hand and I think it's a beautiful thing, I wouldn't deny anyone I cared about or even simply respected the right to call these emotions love and I would not deny them the right to enjoy the legal fruits of their union. If you believe that love exists, then there is no harm to "protect" marriage from and by trying to create such a narrow definition of marriage one is doing far more to harm it than anything gays and lesbians could ever do simply because you're restricting something that truly knows no bounds.

What it boils down to is pretty simple. Either Mr. Bush is so afraid of, or intolerant of gays and lesbians that he feels the need to "protect" marriage from them or he thinks so little of the idea of marriage that he's prepared to restrict it to an archaic ideal that outlived its usefulness over a thousand years ago.

However, as everyone realizes, Mr. Bush is a happily married man and would never come down against marriage. That would be beyond foolish. The answer is painfully obvious; Mr. Bush is, more or less, a homophobe. No matter how much he claims to "respect" gays and no matter how much he uses double talk to straddle the line, his policies speak for themselves and he's come down hard, perhaps harder than any president in recent history, against the gay rights movement.

However, that's his right. As an American citizen it's his right to feel as he does about gays and lesbians and, as the President, he has to vote/speak his conscious and, since he's a Republican, I'd hardly call his closed-minded, fearful and ignorant attitude toward gays surprising. But what he's doing with his speeches is, in effect, trying to deceive the public again. If you don't like gays, if they make you uncomfortable and if you're against homosexuality, say so. Don't praise them with one hand and smite them with the other, don't try to breed acceptance and tolerance while trying to push discriminatory legislation.

Because, even though I couldn't disagree with Mr. Bush more on this issue, I'd at least have respect for him if he held true to his ideals and beliefs and had the courage to state his honest opinions.

Then again, if I did respect him, it probably wouldn't be returned and even if he could bring himself to respect me, he's made it painfully obvious he couldn't respect my friends, my neighbors or even my girlfriend.

That is, at least not enough to ensure that they are equal citizens in the eyes of the law.

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37 Responses to Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Doubletalk

  1. Kelly says:

    bush is an asshole. We need to get him out of office, but I don't think it'll do much. The most it'll achieve is to elect a new breed of monkies. He needs to watch what he says and realize that he has an entire country of different people in it.

  2. Timmie says:

    I agree with you completely…I hate it when people are judgemental and prejudice against others but when they deny it it just makes it even more pathetic and irritating.

  3. Amelia says:

    as a bisexual i agree, i've never liked bush anyway, but well…hes so…icky..about what he says you know…well..i hate to sound 12 about it…but icky is the only word i can come up with

  4. Kitty says:

    i think that people should have their own right to be and do whatever they want everyone is intitled to freedom of speech and saying this only becuz i am a bisexual…if we are all american in this country we should be treated the same way as others…jus because we like the same sex or both sexes ..we shouldnt not be able to marry the person we love.

  5. Charles says:

    I believe as (inderectly) stated that bush is talking out of his butt, and that he is a homophobe. I'm also bisexual and involved in a threesome, more reason for me to be for gay marriages. some people are also stuck between two people all three love each other so great in the same way. so lets fight for this next.

  6. Alysa says:

    I am a bisexual my self and i agree totaly with what you say! I hate that people are so judgmental. I happen to say what ever flots your boat!

  7. myth says:

    you probly dont remember me I posted long ago asking if you had ever felt like you didnt deserve death… any way I totaly agree with all of that… being bisexual that is…

    ps: your site sure has changed

  8. Harley Cheesbro says:

    I couldn't agree more… some people just take things too far.

  9. Jem says:

    I agree on this stuff… But just one thing, here in the Netherlands, homosexuals are allowed to marry. Although it hasn't happened very often yet.

  10. Hugh says:

    You know I agree with you Raven. I know many bi's and lesbians and I have no problem with them. ANd best of all is that they can make jokes about there sexuality. I have found out that many bi's and gays make the best freinds as well. I feel that everyone should have the sma e right as evryone else. I never juge anyone untill I know them for who they are…and many of my freinds will get mad at me because of that. I always like to get to know new people and find them for who they are…and because of that simple fact about me I have lost many friends but I have gained even better freinds. and there is my 2 cents

  11. Rainbow Skiez says:

    Well, being a gay female, I would like to commend you on your knowledge of how we live. I loved what you wrote here and would have to say you're very much appreciated, cause some of my friends have read your work as well.

  12. jamie says:

    i also want bush out of office….he has no respect for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals…we are not treated equal…canada is more free then the USA…we might as well all move over there where we are excepted!!!!!!loved this column by the way!

  13. Ka says:

    What really gets me is when people object on moral grounds when what's at issue is a legal standing, something of the state. Religiously sanctified marriages are a different animal over which Bush has no power- none to force them to marry gays and lesbians (And bisexuals! Gotta stick up for us invisible bisexuals.), or to recognize such marriages, and none to force them not to. All he can do is grant or deny state recognition- that said, he needs to find reasons that are recognized by and relevant to the state, and good luck to him with that- there aren't many that hold up to any sort of scrutiny.

  14. Angel says:

    I agree with your statements as well, as i myself am a lesbian, i think Bush should be impeached on grounds of fraud! Why should myself, and my fellow brethern be denied our legal rights because we have love for a being of the opposite sex? Marriage should be allowed for all and it clearly states under the articles of the constitution, that all are to be treated with equality and fairness. The bill of rights, why am i denied my "pursuit of happiness" because some within our wondorous nation choose to hide behind the faces of religion to support their unfair opinions? Most of the people in office have never even encountered a gay/lesbian, so why are they so against us? My girlfriend is the sweetest person i have ever met in my life, and she acts the same around everyone. If one of these 'officials' would take the time out of their precious schedules to get to know one of us, i am positive that they would see the error of their ways, but then again, who am i?

  15. Stessy says:

    I live in a small town in Western Canada (AB)and cannot count on all my fingers or toes all the people I know of who are gay or bi. It is obvious that more and more gay/bi people are becomming confident with their sexuality every day, yet there are still people going out of their way to restrict this confidence. How hard can it be to pass a bill and allow thousands of couples to be happy and together? Although I am straight yet extremely Pro-gay-marriage I just cringe at the selfishness we witness.

    If Bush would want peace, equality, + acceptance within his country he should not preach his prejudices. Gay Marriage will be legal adventually, just accept it! (That goes for our Prime Minister as well, although we have had one gay marriage in Ontario)

  16. tiffany says:

    i can't beleive this bubba is going to tell my best friend that he can't marry the man he loves because he's not a woman. i got kicked out of class the other day because we were talking about gay marriage and some girl had the nerve to say that homosexuality is like a disease that it's contagious. people are so stupid and closed minded. i'm bisexual and the double standard irks me too. i've heard a lot of kids say it's ok for women to be bi or gay but not for men. Bush need to keep his ideas of marriage being solely between a man and a woman. Marriage is about love not gender

  17. Jasmine says:

    I agree with everysingle one of you! I am an invisible bisexual and I can't stand the fact that my friends and possibly if I ever want to marry a girl are slowly being denied the right to do so in harmony. Why must people non violently protest on someone's wedding day? What the hell is that gonna accomplish? Ahh Bush is a bloody asshole! Go John Kerry or whatever..conservatism only goes so far

  18. Luna says:

    i think u are sooo right! i think i'm bi but i'm not sure…but bush should treat evryone equally!
    Can you help me? my cafeteria lady is 31 yrs old and she is very pretty and i can't stop thinking about her…she's married to this ugly man ( Brian) and i even know her e-mail address…she's really special to me and sometimes i want to let her know how i feel about her…idk i'm 13 yrs old and i go to a private school..will u help me? but when you e-mail me plz don't say anything that would give it away becuz i act 100% girl! and my parents think i'm totally straight! thx luna

  19. Bran. says:

    I recently heard about this little deal Bush was talking about. Basically he wants to re-define what the word "marriage" means and stick it into the Constitution of the United States. I believe that's wrong. What was put into the Constitution was strictly because We, the People, willed it so, in the past.
    Our forefathers made it so that our Constitution can be changed, but also made it hard to change for one reason: to prevent the hotshots changing that document on a sudden whim or wish.
    To be honest, I think that what Bush is doing is on a whim. It's election year. He wants to stay in the White House, so maybe he's doing this for political reasons, it could be as simple as that… But like I said once… The simple things are never that simple in reality.
    One more thing. I think it should be up to the individual states to legalize same-sex marriages. This is just another aspect of federal government trying to get a stranglehold into states' businesses.

  20. tanya says:

    call me lesbian. call me bisexual. titles mean about jack. love is where the meaning is. i am not political. so that i dont care about bush one way or the other. but i care about people. and i think the leader of our country ought to feel the same way. you were well informed here-thanks for taking the time.

  21. Alex says:

    i totally agree with u because i think that we should ALL be treated equal…there is nothing bad about being gay or a lesbian.If u love someone,then u love someone, u cant help it….

    p.s. I love the site!

  22. Raquel says:

    I totaly argee with. As a bisexual i think it sould be stoped once and for all. The Gay and lesbian commuinty should potest and or boycott. We should use any oppution reason or way. This is not right plan and simple. Even in small town such as mine, there is still people that hate homosexuals. A week ago a very close friend of mine brought her soon to be wife to our high school prom. Later that night her tires were slashed, it mit not seem like a big deal to others. For them it cruched them, to think there is much worser things happening to other homosexuals. I just hope that one day in the further this would be a page in history and others would learn that this behavior is totally hatfull and wrong.
    I know that the human rase is so much higher than this.

  23. Sadien says:

    Being bisexual myself, I think automatically that Bush's movement is wrong. I mean, what if the person I want to spend the rest of my life with is female? That would really krush me. But I must take in the factors that the homosexuals and bisexuals might not get as much benefit as the straight people get. I say people are people, no matter their preferences on partners. My uncle was gay before he died, and I always looked up to him as a person. Not as a guy who was nasty for his choice on living life. I believe it is not a sin to be attracted to the other sex at all. Therefore, Bush should in fact take other peoples opinions in mind before saying "Hey, this is what I think , so we should change it without thinking of others."

  24. Holly says:

    Presidant Bush is wrong in his ways and if he wants to insult homosexuals he better learn that they are peopel, if he doesn't like a person for who they are, then fine, but if he gets to know a homosexual, he should realize their are more to them then just liking the same sex. He needs to grow up and face that the world isn't all the same.

  25. Vivi says:

    George Bush needs to face up to his fears and deal with them privately. Whether he's a homophobe or not, he obviously has a fear and/or misunderstanding of homosexuals and bisexuals in general, although from where they stem from is unclear. In my opinion, though this type of behavior is typical of a Texan, conservative, Christian, right-wing, rich, old, white man, George Bush should not bring his personal tolerances and intolerances in light of the public's eye. I mean, if he thought that killing innocent civilians in another country was right, do you think that he should force that upon his people? Oh yea….he's already done that too.

  26. Jack says:

    See, what Dubya doesn't seem to realize is the fact that the Constitution was written to GIVE people rights, not take them away. FYI to Bush: remember what happened with prohibition? It's amazing to see how much influence the religious right has in a country where church and state are supposed to be mutually exclusive. But, then again, they do have that "Homosexual Agenda" to watch out for. God knows I've got one: Get up, brush teeth, take a shower, go to work, come home, read a little bit, go to bed, maybe dream about the perfect man. Scaaaaaary stuff, isn't it? Awesome essay Raven.

  27. Nash says:

    This is all bull shit u all need to get a life yeah im bi sexual and i love girls and guys and it doesnt mean im being selfish means that i am my own person and i can be who the hell i want and bush doesnt kno shit all i guess bc hes not gay or bi or lesbian even kno u might be mistakened for him being one… lol well thats all i wanna say so IM GAY AND PROUD 😀

  28. Skywalker says:

    Man fuck bush he doesnt know ne-thing,yes i am a lesbian myself and i am going out with a other girl that is just the way i am and i like it that way though. My girlfriend and i are vary close togehter and we kiss a lot I AM GAY AND PROUD OF IT!

  29. rachel says:

    Being a Christian, I disaree. In God's eyes homosexuality is an abomination, and i agree with that. I also believe that marriage is a bond of a man and a woman before the Lord. It's God's thing…I don't want to be the one to mess with that.

  30. Bloodstained Snow says:

    Oh Goddess. This is insanity. How can someone restrict the meaning of marriage so blind-sightedly?! What about Pagan handfasting? Christian matrimony isn't the only way to be bonded, you know. Saying that it is is like saying that Christians are somehow better, and that is absolute bullshit. I couldn't have put it better, Raven, and I agree 100%. And Rachel, not everyone believes in your God, so be a little more open-minded. Bush needs to get OUT of office if he's going to continue this bullshit. Grr…
    Much love
    Bloodstained Snow

  31. sinderela says:

    im bi and i hate bush i appreciate all the straight people trying to support gay rights its just sad that i have to look at my future and think if i fall in love with another girl i cant marry her. that is total bullshit and yeah i read about not everyone having the same god rachel get a life and i do believe your god says not to judge……. what do you think he is doing when he says being gay isnt right…… maybe you need a new hobby and a new book to read….

  32. rachel says:

    what i donn't understand in today's society is that you are supposed to be open-minded about other people's believes and lifestyles…if this is true, and most of you say this to people who are trying to close you off…don't turn around and do the things you hate, if you say i should be open-minded about your lifestyles and beliefs, i think that i should be granted that same respect.

  33. Ashalee says:

    I am a bisexual female just recently exploring that side of my sexuality,even though I have always been attracted to females. And like someoneelse said I HATE BUSH ((my respects to those who like him though)) and i always have but where he gets off thinking he has the right to tell us who we can and cannot marry is ridiculous. Seperation between church and state.. well all he is doing is pressing the bible down our throats. I am a believer in god and as people tell me everyday god made us the way we are for a reason so who is to say we are "sinners" for being gay,bi or lesbian?

  34. Josh says:

    President Bush has helped out this country quite alot by not allowing gay marriage. I am not a Bush-friendly person but gay marriage is wrong. The day that America legalizes gay marriage is the day that it signs it's death warrant. It does say in the bible that when a nation makes its people able to practice homosexuality that the end of that nation is but at the door. I just fear the president after Bush will allow it. Where do we draw the line? Senate members are now trying to pass laws that a man may marry certain animals. Besides my own christian stand on the issue, you can't possibly think that is acceptable. When you allow people who practice such things as homosexuality, bestiality, sorcery, witchcraft, satanism, sodomy…. to do those things then you just open up more and more doors to let other people through who think that because someone else can do what they want that they too can practice things of the same or worse sort. You just have to draw the line somewhere…and it just can't move anymore without tearing this nation apart.

  35. Ashly says:

    Someone posted a coment about this RavenSpeak on october 23, 2004.
    I repsect his views I disagree with them. Raven agree with you on your thoughts. Mr. Bush double talked on his speech. It is unjust and not american to try to prevent gays, lesbians, and bis the right to marraige and the rights that come with marrige.

    This man ends his statment with "When you allow people who practice such things as homosexuality, bestiality, sorcery, witchcraft, satanism, sodomy…. to do those things then you just open up more and more doors to let other people through who think that because someone else can do what they want that they too can practice things of the same or worse sort. You just have to draw the line somewhere…and it just can't move anymore without tearing this nation apart."

    Why must a ling be drawn. America is about having freedom to practice what you believe it. It is about freedom. So why must a line be drawn at all? The whole reason why the enlish came to America was to practice the reiligon that they wanted. It has involed from there for people to love who they want. People should be able to love who they want despite if the other person is the same sex or not. That should not interfer with their right to marriage.

  36. Desiree says:

    I am a bisexual female and I must agree that Bush has no RIGHT to take away our RIGHTS. If he has a problem with gays I can respect that…but…tough crap. We're here to stay and we WILL get rights to marry.

  37. ME says:

    I am not lesbian….but I do respect them (gays too!). And I support letting lesbians and gays get the same benifits that I would if I were to get married. I hate bush and all of the people who control him (it's a point less talked about, but the guy is just to stupid to come up with the plans on his own…there are a lot of people who conrol him…not to say he isn't an asshole). Why is one person deemed "unjust" simply because they find love from people of their own gender???

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