Ghost Within My Mind

I would have told you I love you
if we hadn't been saying goodbye
With the end always a breath away
it never seemed real to me
like vapors disappearing before my eyes
and even though you're gone today
there's a ghost lurking within my mind

I wanted you to know me
to make sense of a heart gone wrong
I wanted you to need me like I needed you
and to wash away the sins of thought and deed
You were too perfect to grasp
and too wonderful to touch
but now that you're gone
all I have are memories fading
and a ghost walking withing my mind

It's only now that you haunt me
on quiet, lonely nights
when the wind carries your name into my ears
leaving me adrift in a sea of regret and remorse
I can't face who I am
much less what I've become
Just a wounded soul living in an broken heart
walking these empty halls
hoping to catch a glimpse
of the ghost stalking within my mind

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153 Responses to Ghost Within My Mind

  1. without_a_soul says:

    hey, i just wanted to say that i really love this poem, i've read it so many times, and i could never get bored of it. And as i can see, many other people seem to have the same opinion. I think this poem is even better because any one who has ever loved and lost some one, or maybe not had their loved returned, can relate to it. I know thats true for me.

    You are really talented. xXx

  2. josh says:

    This poem is really good keep up the good work and you will make it somehwere

  3. heart_broken says:

    this is what happened to me about 3 days ago….great poem

  4. hayley says:

    thanks this poem inspired me to be free and tell all that im a goth

  5. Jaq says:

    you're poem was soothing to me, i feel like i'm suffering in this whirlpool of lonely memories you're poem made that loneliness not feel so bad only because i'm not the only one going through it. That probably sounds terrible but it's really not. Thanks

  6. heartbroken_mind says:

    this explains what i am going through at this very goth friends say they know what i am going through but i know they have no idea what it feels like.i am tired of feeling sorry for myself,but i cant help it.

  7. Infinitemadness says:

    I hope one of these days that I too can relenquish the worlds hate and obsolve it into my own soul. To secretly dissolve the parasites that afflict evil into the core of mankind. Your breaking ground. Just know there are others out there that stand beside you. From one poet to another. Strike down those that oppose us with their hate tempered love stained hearts. We shall smile. I tip my hat back to you sir. Good job.

  8. Infinitemadness says:

    absolve** blah blah. We poets are allowed a typo right?

  9. Briana says:

    Again, Raven… Really, really awesome work… You really should publish a book… Your work is absolutely astonishing…

  10. Joseph G says:

    i have the a ghost to. do you want to see it

  11. Emily says:

    i liked the poem. it made me realize not to let go of something that was very close and dear to you for it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

  12. megan says:

    wow this is a really good poem….i love this one…. i write poems to but im not all that great about it……but i think you can really go somewere with your poterty…..

  13. Jayn Lee says:

    Being a poet myself & not knowing whether your poems are pure talent or experiance I would like you to know I rather enjoy your lines…

  14. Anna says:

    this poem really connects to me iv experenced this throgh my whole life and im only 16 now so take it from there …….

  15. silently alone says:

    OMG! i could relate! it brought back all hte memories of losing luved one…and wondering if any one will ever luv me….sad…much luck you have real talent…send me a copy if you ever make a book.
    silently alone

  16. Lost Soul says:

    I dont know if youre poems are experience or thoughts, but either way, i love all of your work, almost every poem is beautifully crafted, expressing the emotions that many keep inside of them. Thank you.

  17. Shonie says:

    this poem took my heart away i am totally speachless…this is the most beutiful poem better than mine…i also your work i have just signed up today. and read some peoms and they were breath taking keep up the good work.

  18. Tiffany says:

    WOW!!!! this really relates to my life.

  19. Stephanie says:

    OMFG. This is an awesome poem. I can really relate.

  20. Thomas says:

    this poems is awsome, i have a site that relates to this stuff , Thanks

  21. Scarlet Tears Will Run says:

    Just as my life is my lost love lurks in the darkest reaches of my mind just as yours does

  22. sexy monkey says:

    wow raven that was so heart warming poetry to write about things like that. I don't know how you do it but man, that's just kool that you have that special talent in you. Hope you continue with this kind of work.

    w/love & respect


  23. mike b. says:

    this is amazing it speaks right to the broken heart. it has made me see things in a different light.

  24. Clare says:

    So many people will be able to relate to this (Me mostly) but this is one of the best poems i've eva read!!!!

  25. elaine says:

    lovely pure lovely

  26. anonomous says:

    yupash…u gots skillz

  27. Kayla H says:

    i loved it, it really made me feel that i belonged in a happy and wonderful world. It was really deep.

  28. Tiffany says:

    I loved this peom, it is so what i am going through right now!!!!!

  29. Caitlin says:

    very nice, it made me think of all the things that lurk in the depths of my mind…

  30. michael says:

    very effective use of words and also very gothic in pentameter—-all in all,,very good

  31. Twisted Macabre says:

    I love this poem, its insightful, and touching. plus the imagry is awsome!! keep up the good work!

  32. jessica says:

    loved it !!!!!!!!!

  33. alex says:

    Raven this is really freaky i wrote a poem almost exactly like this one two days before i had even heard of your website. i had written mine because i still had feelings for my ex girlfriend and i wanted to express that. then about 2 days later i was looking up gothic poetry for an english class and i came across your site and was totally freaked when i read ghost within my mind. because they were pretty much the same poem

  34. Lana says:

    I Love it…that is all that I can say. It's amazing. Raven, you are superbly talented!

  35. laurenTJ says:


  36. Tabitha says:

    This poem say it all for when my heart has been broken. You think you have found the "ONE" and some how things go wrong and but the memories won't go away and they just haunt you in your mind. Thats the part that hurts the worse sometimes. Thanks for a poem that helps.
    Tabby Catt

  37. jacqueline says:

    all i can say is that it is the only thing i can relate to right now

  38. jonny says:

    WOW! I can relate my life to this poem it is the best yet, i applaud you friend

  39. xavier says:

    this is 1# we all can see in life!

  40. Neko Yoru Burondo says:

    this is a varry good poem i love it im tryin to figure out how to write a poem myselfmy friends say im good…..well i gess i am.

  41. Dark Barbi says:

    I love this peom!! It is a wonderful peom…i am going though a bad break up and this is exactly how i feel and i was just going to say that i love it and you are a VERY talented poet!!
    .:*Dark Barbi A.k.a. Mallie*:.

  42. broken_desire101 says:


  43. CHEESE says:


  44. Revva says:

    You're exactly like me, sharing pretty much the same experiences.

    You write with power.

  45. Marlene says:

    i like really love this poem it's awesome dude there are some lines the relate to my real life.

  46. miles power says:

    this poem is writen with passion and gives off an awsome power which all that read and understand will feel

  47. Brandon says:

    I LOVE YOUR POEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This poem is one of my favorite because i can really relate to it. i wish i was as talented as you are at writting poems *sigh* i dont think i will be as good as you are

  48. Kat says:

    i really like this poem!!!!!! I write poems that are dark, but i can never write them so they are about love.

  49. bob says:

    you emu stop cutting you wrist and need to get a llife

  50. toxx says:

    The poem was pretty bad ass i like how you go into depth with it without actually giving so much info. The gift of gab is truly yours…
    e-mail me some poems that you have read or unread

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