Glass of Tears

So there I was
just sitting at the bar
with my head hanging low
remembering the good times we had.
I would have crawled into a bottle of whisky
but decided instead to fill my glass with tears.
I came there to sit with the drunks
perhaps to meet someone more miserable than myself.
Though I heard sob stories
and tragedies of all kinds
they only made me miss you all the more

What is a guy supposed to do
when the woman he loves breaks his heart?
How's he supposed to react when his trust
his love
his life
has been broken?

He listens to tales of ancient heartbreak
while drinking deep from a glass of tears
He puts a quarter in the jukebox
and plays the saddest song he can find
Because as a wise man once said,
"The only solace for a broken heart
is bitter company
and the only solace for bitter company
is a pint of bitter beer."

And though I dare not tip a glass for you
nor buy a round in your name
I'll always see your face smiling back
at the bottom of my glass of tears

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