Good & Evil

Life is full of contradictions, perhaps too full. However, good and evil is the truest contradiction on the planet and any view that does not allow for an opposing view is far too simplistic.That is why, in truth, while everyone is both good and evil, everyone is the icon of pure good.

While society makes general rules about good and evil, the end battle always comes down to the wars inside each individual's mind. There is where the terms good and evil are truly defined and it is there that everyone is the icon of their own good.

Everyone sees themselves as the ideal good. If they say that they don't they have humbled themselves, an act that in their mind makes them a better person, and in truth, more of the representative of pure good.

Everyone has laid their own ideas of what represents good and evil in their own mind, and then they follow it in accordance to their laws for good. If they slip up they absolve themselves of it in some way and continue in their mind untarnished and a better person for it.

Even those who claim to represent pure evil are in truth pure good, because in their own mind, good and evil have been reversed and they represent the "true good" and everyone else lives in a state of self-deception.

Since, in the end, it's only our own opinion of ourselves that matters, we are all pure good. Few dare to think of themselves as remotely evil and those who do think themselves better for it. There is nothing wrong with this, if we ceased to see ourselves as good we would all go truly insane. The first earmark of an unhealthy mind is that they think themselves evil and are torn up by it.

So if we all do a little soul-searching, we find that we all think of ourselves as good, those who agree with us share that status and those who oppose are evil. It's very simple, very true and most importantly, very contradictory.

If you don't like it, don't ponder the question…

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