Guiding Light

We all seek some point of light, some distant beacon to tell us that we are heading in the right direction and to give some meaning to our lives. We all want a sense of direction in our lives, without one, our lives truly are meaningless.

For some that light is the television, they look to be just like the actors who play parts weekly for them. Others, see the stars as their guide, moving, loving and speaking only in cadence with their patterns.

I choose a different light, I choose that of the moon to guide me. It's light shines where normally there would be darkness and it's high orbit above this planet gives it an excellent view of the people of this earth.

I want to know all the moon does and see all the places its light reaches. I want to be as pure and deep as it's surface and I want to spread light where there is only darkness.

If I could be like the moon, then and only then would I be truly happy. But my dreams are as hopeless as those of the man foolishly wanting to be like the sports star or the child who wants to touch the stars.

Perhaps I shall not taste my happiness, but how I must try, how I will try. I have to try, otherwise my life too will be meaningless.

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