If I Died Tomorrow…

There would be a wake, an empty wake
of which few souls would dare partake
There would be tears, some useless tears,
from those I've met through all the years
There would be talk, a lot of talk
some talks of waste and my cut stalk
That is, if I died tomorrow…

I would lay in coffin black
with handles brass as if to fend
off some invisible attack
I'd lay so still but feel no pain
my eyes stay closed, not seeing the light
I shall never lose but never gain
That is, if I died tomorrow…

There would be a stone, a lifeless stone
over this grave I call my own
There would be grass, beautiful grass
who's beauty I could not try to surpass
There would be trees, tremendous trees
who soar to heights that only a bird sees
That is, if I died tomorrow…

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