It's the Law

How many tragedies have occurred because people were simply following the law? How many people are dead because the law couldn't protect them? How many times will the words, "I was just following orders" or "I was doing everything by the book" be used to excuse the greatest errors and greatest disasters in history?

Are we such naive beings to think that all of the endless rights and wrongs in the universe and the boundless concepts of justice and peace can be reduced to mere volumes of laws and interpretation? Even after hundreds of years of decisions and changes to the laws at hand, we still find that the law and what's truly right are often on opposite teams.

There are those who would stand by and watch children die to keep in place archaic laws and concepts. There are those who would allow great injustices to take place just to prevent a small justice from being broken. What attitude? What tyranny is this?

The law is supposed to keep us safe and is supposed to protect us. But yet I have never felt so in danger, in danger of both my life and having my rights trampled on. The law can not complete it's job, it can not fulfill it's end of the bargain.

We all know in our hearts what is right and what is wrong. The law is only for those who don't know or simply don't care. That's why we must all follow a new code of law. The one we hold inside. After all, the only person in the end we have to answer to is ourselves.

So do what you will, so long as it is right. But while none should be punished for injuries not real, but I know many shall. After all, it's the law.

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