Ivory Tower

Oh it's easy for you my friend
So damn easy
To sit upon your ivory tower
And spew forth the black venom
Of hate and malcontent
To sit upon your archer's rest
And fire your wretched arrows
Into the backs of those who toil below
It's easy when you're safe
So well protected
Hidden by a shield of reservation
Molded in the fires of ignorance
It's almost cute to watch you
To watch you play barbarian king
Like a child you are
Simple, impulsive, immature
Just another thief
A playground bully
Stealing the lunch money
From those who can't afford a meal
And stripping the honor
From those who have none
It's easy to destroy good sir
But the task at hand is to create
But the only thing new your bring
Is a tin crown
That you place upon your head
It's power bought
From a bubble-gum machine
And melted
In the simple light of truth

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