Just Good Enough

"You don't need to do that, what you have is good enough," they say. I disagree. Our society is all about the bare minimum, just getting by. I, on the other hand, am about excelling, going one step further and ignoring the when it's time to stop.

Whatever happened to striving for excellence, to going the extra mile? When did it become satisfactory to come home, feed your cats, eat dinner and go to bed? When did life become about simply surviving?

Well, I don't care, because mine isn't. I hunger for excellence, for one step beyond the norm and nothing, nothing is going to stand between me and achieving just that.

Others have tried, oh yes, they have tried to bring me down to their mediocrity, but I have broken free and through trial and error, surrounded myself with those who seek excellence with the same fervor I do.

In a society of bare minimums, all rights and good enoughs, I intend to break through the glass ceiling of mediocrity and knowing that my friends and companions will be there beside me, smashing the same barriers, gives me the courage to fight on, even when things get tough.

You see, nature favors those that get up after being knocked down, those that refuse to stop once the acceptable level has been reached. The man that does just enough is much like a cog in a machine, playing his part, but he who does more sets the pace for all the other cogs and laughs as the machine breaks as it tries fruitlessly to keep up.

So if you've done what's necessary to complete something, why not pick it back up and go one step farther? Why not push it just a little bit harder? The extra mile may be the hardest to run, but it is definitely the most rewarding.

Separate yourself through excellence, make yourself great through hard work and perseverance because if you don't, people like myself and my friends will quickly leave you behind…

Think about this before you go, many have completed a 26 mile marathon, but how many could go 27? It's that extra mile that makes all the difference in the world that is.

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5 Responses to Just Good Enough

  1. brandin krebs says:

    the best way it could have ever been said. i strive for excellence each day. i dislike being told to stop, that it was enough. not many people have the drive to reach excellence in this world, and not many will…sadly i have lived the kind of life to know that just surviving wont work. thank you raven.

  2. Eblis says:

    What is it with all these people that strive and strive for excellence. When was it about a competition? Who are you trying to prove yourself to? Them or yourself? I care not for this race.I enjoy what I do.I do it for myself not other's. If they like it all the better. My opinion is all that matters. Raven you have wings yet you still wish to run wiv the rats?

  3. Forsaken Angel says:

    Yet again amazing.
    Its so right why are things like this why is society structured for good when it could be great. We could all learn from this and be that little bit extra that little bit better and be great instead of as good as everyone else.

    Great great great great..!

  4. RC says:

    nice messages on your website…a little cheesy and self-righteous at times…but overall I'm sure it's helping people deal with issues in their lives…

  5. Ashton says:

    im one of those ppl who think good is enough. i dont go the extra mile to improve myself, and this is one of my many flaws. but after reading this im now going to try and go that extra mile like you said.

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