Like You

Get a job, get a life
and all that money stuff
Slave to God, slave to money
none of it cares about you
Two car garage, white picket fence
happiness is so cheap today
Blind your eyes, dull your thoughts
maybe then you’ll fail to see
that I don’t want to be like you

Nine to five, lunch at noon
how can this work for you?
Say your prayers, go to bed
Forget about what you want to do
Crush the dream, kill the hopes
it’s the right thing to do
Buy their shirts, make them rich
maybe they'll like you then
But I don’t want to be like you

Cut your hair, change your shoes
who cares if they work for you?
Punch the keys, do the work
and keep your smart mouth shut
Wash your hands, chew your food
don’t choke on the words I say
Raise your glass, drink your wine
and kiss your future goodbye
because I don’t want to be like you

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One Response to Like You

  1. me says:

    this explains so much about life!

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