Logic, we all love it, we all use it. It's rational, it's practical and it's the thing we all turn at some point each day. It's a great tool, it breaks down life's complexities into a simple mathematical equation. It calculates which route is the quickest by counting steps, what meal is the best by comparing price and quantity and what friends are the best by looking at the exchange.

Logic indeed is our friend.

But logic is limited. It knows not the beauty of the science route, the flavor of the tender chicken nor the value of the silent friend. Logic has no feelings.

Man's greatest ability, the power to love is perhaps the least logical of all acts. We are all doomed to have 99.9% of our relationships fail yet we continue endlessly to seek the prize. Would it not be easier and far more logical to simply forgo this quest and earn some money rather than spending it frivolously?

Perhaps… but this beast, the ally logic knows not the joys of a true romance, only the pain of a shattered one. Logic coldly looks at the odds and says, "it is not wise to continue this foolish quest…" yet we ignore it.

The reason is we are not cold beings. We are more than the sum of some mathematical equation or a comparison of two like parts. We in fact are emotional creatures capable of highs and lows that far exceed the groundwork logic has laid out for us.

Be you a believer or an atheist, you have to admit that there is much more to the human soul than simple math and science. While math and science solve our problems, often times the ones emotion gets us into, we can not live off numbers alone. We can not thrive on the sciences alone.

That is why man has created the arts, why man has made music and poetry, in an attempt to expose the non-scientific half in a scientific way. We are our own wildest dreams and our own darkest fears, we are our own mountainous peaks and our own shadowy valleys. We are our own heaven and hell…

For we are more than the sum of our parts, we are human beings. We are not the product of a scientific equation. But creatures as complex and as deep as this world will allow.

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