If you step outside into the crystal midnight air
you can feel the moonlight dancing across your skin.
As it lights the world below with its hues of pale white
it cools everything it touches making the very air around us
seem to leap away from our faces
and hide in the shadows for safety.
One has to wonder how any reflection of the sun
can be so cruel and dim
lighting as much as it obscures
and cooling as much as it warms.
For what the sun gives
the moon takes away
sealing the world into the other side of the looking glass
leaving the earth frozen and barren
but beautiful all the same.
For when I feel the moon strike me
with it's pale rays of ice
though it brings no warmth or comfort
nonetheless it brings me life.
I know I'm trapped in the looking glass.
Just looking back at life itself
like the moonlight stretching across the earth
I'm cold and lifeless
but perhaps beautiful all the same.
So if you enjoy my moonlight
as it dances across your skin
perhaps you'll share kind words
with a face trapped in the looking glass
just trying to stay warm in the crystal midnight air.

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