Needless Hate

Look around the black and white world and the people in it. You see them fighting but they know not why. People hate each other because of the Gods they pray to, the color of their skin and the country of their origin.

Now see how that hatred tears at the very fabric of humanity, look at the lives it destroys, see the people crying in the street, see the dead piling up.

Now look inside yourself, see the hate wanting to escape. Ask yourself if it is worth it to let out in the light of day.

Now look at those who hate, spewing their venomous words. Listen to what they say and laugh, a hearty laugh as you see their ignorance.

Why oh why must we hate those we do not know. Be proud, oh yes, but not arrogant.

As the sad state of modern times sinks in, ask yourself, what can I do to help?

I shall tell you what you can do, hate not those you do not know. Hate those you must, but choose them carefully. Remember, hate always comes back times three.

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