Night Creature

I don't know what it is that draws me to the night. All I know is that my soul seems to come alive when the sun goes down and my mind opens up the most during the blackest of nights.

I live in a world of headlights and 24-hour diners. When the streetlights come on and moon rises up above the trees, I finally am able to be myself as I truly am. I was born this way, I will die this way.

There's nothing for me in the daytime, just crowded streets, ringing phones and that hot, blaring sun beating down on me. I'd much rather move about when the world is quiet and nothing but the cool night air surrounds me. It sets me at peace.

At night, my body is quicker and stronger and my mind is sharper and clearer It's as if the blurring haze of the world has been removed. That's why I let the lights of the city be my guide and my keen understanding of the world keep me safe.

But for now at least I am forced to live the life of a day-dweller. Though the very blood in my veins craves my natural habitat, to eat and survive I must move about in daylight and try to put my mind to rest at night.

I get little sleep and less time to work. I feel as if I am forever dulled and wounded by this grave injustice. But somehow I shuffle awake in the morning and go about my business, just like everyone else.

But the time will come and soon when the natural flow of my life will reign supreme. I will set the times that are right for me and do what I must do to keep myself at 100%. I will do this because I have to, for my own sanity.

You see, I am a creature of the night and to do anything else would be a horrible mistake. Much like dulling the knife that cuts your steak, forcing me out in the daytime destroys the thing that makes me work and the thing that makes me so valuable, my mind.

Remember that future friends and companions, remember it well. If you wish to call on me, make it late, and if you want to know me as I truly am, meet me underneath the glowing streetlight, I'll be there when the moon is at it's highest.

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22 Responses to Night Creature

  1. CyRuS says:


    This is my all time favorite piece on the site. It's absolutely beautiful. It is evident that the writing came from the heart, and that it's not some gothic cliché painted black and tied with fishnets. It's really who you are. Too bad a lot of others will say the same things and claim the same feelings that you have expressed, and act as if it is the cool thing to do. I understand where you are coming from, though. It's like, when everything is going wrong, and there is no one and nothing, just taking a walk at night through the park or down the street can really relax you and clear up your mind. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself.


  2. c.c. jagger says:

    raven – the nite for me is a cape of comfort and a refuge. i have always hated the day and loved the nite. i still find the darkness of night with the stars casting shadows a place i can truly call home. i cannot say i completely understand because if i did i would be lying. everyone is not the same… every word means something a little different to all of us. but i can still feel what you say…not just in this.

    c.c. jagger

  3. Artemis says:

    It seems to me that a lot of people fear the blankets of night and associate night with darkness and so they think that since night is dark it must be evil. i think it's that thought that provokes people to be day-walkers. I like the night and if it was truly darkness..why are there stars? Lovely peice of yourself to share. go out and live and be the night.

  4. Lucifer Almighty says:

    Nice piece of writing here Raven…beautiful words…i won't twist the same old words around like everyone else…but i will say that you are a gifted individual…everyone can relate to your rants…

  5. Zane says:

    i understand.

  6. BloodBath says:

    Hey Raven. I feel the same way you do…I find great comfort and peace in the dark, and for some reason I cannot stand daylight. It hurts my eyes so much I cant stand it, so I am always out during the night watching the stars and studying them. They give me a sort of peace, that I cant get during the day because I am always getting beat up and picked on because I am into different things that other kids arent….As long as you keep on writng these great pieces of literature, I will keep reading.


  7. Ronald Weasly says:

    Raven as a fan of yours for 3 years now I only have one thing to say to this piece.

    The night time is the right time ^_^

  8. Shayne says:

    I love the way you describe the night because so many of us can relate to it. Your such an inspiration.

  9. dark dreamer says:

    I think people who see the world for what it really is are drawn to the darkness. After all, our world is growing darker every second, not in a litteral way, but its doomed thanks to humanity. I cant stand people who think that the world is sunshine and rainbows. The dark is a place where i can get away and feel alone. A time where i am free and can get away with things…and poeple cant see me because i become one with darkness. I dont get why people are scared of it. They should be part of it…

  10. Lady Ravana says:

    Many people live by the old saying Carpe Diem. Seize the day. You and I prefer Carpe Noctem. Seize the night, my friend.

  11. heather says:

    I could never come up with something like that it's beatiful.I am also a creature of the night it is a place of forgotten by most a place of beauty and grace.undefined by the busy and superficial world because they can't understand.The night for me is like going to a cemetary it is a haven of peace love protection and comfort.the night is one of the most beatiful creations that ever was or ever will are an inspiration to any wandering mind. thank you for sharing you're gift with the rest of us

  12. AJAX says:

    The time comes for all of us who seek ourselvs to know who we are and what we are. thruogh living your own life and seekig what you seek you will find yourself infront of you. then you will know what you know and unlearn what you have learned. the knowledge of what you seek is earned through devotion and spirit. not through simply time. there are many out there who seek the same and few who find it. through only yourself will you find this answer. you and you alone.

  13. jesse says:

    thats good thats exactly how i feel

  14. theresa says:

    hopefully u can get a night job or go to night school or sumthing

  15. Dan says:

    The night is the only place to find true solitude and allows our minds to think, once again, as children without hindering thoughts of why we must be or act a certain way. No one sees our flaws at night; nor do we see our own.

  16. avlar says:

    i wish for you or any one that can relate to this rant to e-mail me at i have a way that all of our nightly kind can finaly re-gain our control of this world.

  17. paul says:

    That was a really cool rant. I really felt that i could see you in the story!!! It's how I feel sometimes in the night free and clean. A world were there's no place for evil but for dark not evel darkness but dark the dark I find a hiding pace in

  18. RougeInuyasha says:

    May I see to it that I call on you through the night…The howling of the wolves will be my call and the mist my presence. The whispers of the trees will be my messangers. And the silence of night my death..

    Darkest Blessings

  19. wolvian virus says:

    the howl threw the night comes to no great surprise that my answer is only headed by those whom wish to hear me. my silence gives my presence threw the heart beat of a mortal whoms soul shall forever be mine if i please, these are only the things i invision, there is never more an empire i cant dispose of.

  20. Night Creature [Tibian Tutor] says:

    A good text. I will keep an eye for you.

  21. Draka the dark vampriss says:

    ur words are beautifull to me they remind me that im not alone. I feel that i am ment for the night.and now i know that i am not the only one to feel this. i thank you for the company……..

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