Nighttime Angst

I despise trying to go to sleep at night. Every time I go to shut my eyes and doze into the world of dreams my mind is flooded with millions of questions. Questions of love and hate, God and hell, time and the universe and even life itself.

It's difficult to sleep when the questions that define life so quickly consume it. How can one rest when their mind is turned into a warzone with a million views and a million and one lies are trying to fight for dominance of my conscious state. How can one rest when one's mind is thrown into turmoil.

Instead of resting I toss and turn agonized by every view that crosses my mind. The deepest questions too deeply explored too late at night. If I could give a day to this I would. But the armies in my mind always decide to launch their offences late at night causing war when there should only be joy.

As I battle deciding my fate and piece by piece finding my true self, the hours tick away and soon enough, it's time to face a new day. So I walk about the earth with an empty mind void of these thoughts, going about my existence.

However, when night falls again I know that the fight will start anew. As good and evil, right and wrong, hypocrisy and truth must battle it out for another night. I fear I shall never sleep again because of this painful time. I've given so much of my body in this quest for myself. I now fear that I will give too much of my mind…

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