Nothing Special

I know that I’m nobody
Nothing special at all
So please don’t cry for me
I’m just another
one of the many faces
praying to the rain
Take away my eyes
and drown out my voice
It doesn’t matter anymore
Don’t cover me with laurels
or decorate me with diamonds
I’m not worth it anyhow
I can’t care anymore
I know I’m worth nothing
not even the love you give to me
I’m just a broken one
a crushed little toy soldier
swept underneath the rug
No one cares about me
because no one knows me
So why even bother crying?
Just leave me alone
and make the world go away
I won’t make you happy anymore
All I do is bring pain
to those I love the most
and cripple myself all the while
Just hate me
like all of the others
It’d make things so much easier
What good is love anyhow
When it brings only heartbreak
time and time again?
I don’t know how to be genuine
I’ve lost the real me
somewhere in all of that trivia.
Everything now is just a reflection
a reflection of a broken soul
that was never worth anything
and will forever be nothing special

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