Of Kings and Queens

I remember it was a senseless night
Which all of the world just seemed so right
I couldn't begin to tell you why
I was a lonely heart that beat with ease
Because you were smiling through the trees
And It made me feel so warm inside
I knew it was meant to be like this
For the world to end in your bitter kiss
There's not else to say I know
But can you tell me Ms. Rock 'N' Roll
Is there any art left the in your soul?
Somehow I'd have to say no
I know inside you've already died
But that doesn't cure your vicious lies
It just brings the truth to me
Now I don't work on the astral plane
I'm a simple man with a simple game
And eyes are good enough to see
But when the world came to a halt
The oceans didn't turn to salt
And life went on once more
But somewhere there was a mighty king
Who took the head of his evil queen
And with his power now restored
He raised his sword and cried "nevermore"
Justice had now been served
And the courtroom is now adjourned

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