Standing alone under an evening sky
watching the world spin around me
I see the faces of lost souls
dancing in the winds of change
and pouring through the sands of time

No one sees me standing there
Turning away when I don't dance to the beat
or march to the drums of a thousand fools
They pretend I'm not there
whispering about me as if I couldn't hear
just a piece of broken furniture
a part of the scenery
simply waiting to be thrown away

But there I stand
all alone to tomorrow
quietly challenging the song around me
by refusing to sing along
Instead watching as empty hearts walk along
looking past the invisible child
just standing there
waiting for the rain

And it's there I'll stand in a thousand years
long after the dance has carried the fools away
even after my body has given in to the grip of time
my place will remain unchanged

For I am the outcast
the one who refused the dance of a thousand fools
forced to suffer the wind and the rain
and stand transparent to the world around me
But the only one to remain
when the music stops and time marches on
grinding the dancers into dust
and scattering their memory to the winds of change

Though I'm left to an empty world
you'll never see sorrow in my eyes
I'll raise my glass with the other invisible souls
as we watch the last grains in hourglass of time
trickle through to the bottom
winding down the universe
letting us know our work is done
and that the ageless can now age no more

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141 Responses to Outcast

  1. Dodger says:

    This poem makes the most sense than in thoae who have ever felt left out. Those who felt invisible like the way i am. now i know i'm not alone.

  2. cold says:

    I know words are useless and trivial but i wish to express my liking of this poem. very well put. I look forward to reading more…. what a concept huh. looking forward….almost seems like blasphemy in itself

  3. Deathbyimitation says:

    An outcast stands outside of the glass box that socity has put itself in and watches as the whole world moves, unaware of the people watching them with unwavering eyes and a wanton heart.

  4. deathherself says:

    i loved it, it states the truth in its purity, and so many people can relate to it. especially me, keep writing!!!

  5. <3Rae<3 says:

    Wow that is an amazing poem,, thats how I feel all the time,, especialy in school,, but WOW is all I can say!!!

  6. NiHiLiStIc KiNg says:

    that was the best poem my eyes have ever laid sight apon, 'twas amazing, brilliant and breath taking. the rebel's code is what i call it. And i will stand by it.

  7. Thistleburr says:

    AWESOME! I was sent this by a friend Jeff and to be honest i hate poetry but he said this was "HIM" so i felt obligated to read it.
    I am so glad I did.

    This is something i can read without hate.
    all i can say is MORE OF THIS! if i had this style poetry in class to read i wouldnt have flunked english!

    THANKS JEFF aka !

  8. wez says:

    Brilliant a very deep poem I also can relate but with a few twists I do my own dong and see how many people eventually try to sing there own

  9. Death says:

    i LOVE it.that poem hit deep.thank you and keep writing PLEASE your work is AWESOME!

  10. AJ says:

    Raven, this poem reminds me of me and its awesome keep up the good work your poems are so beautiful and i like them

    your fan, A.J.

  11. katz says:

    i love how your poems are expressed through metaphors and telling them like a story. this poem has a dark edge to it, but it also has a positive feel to it near the end. i thought it was very interesting, great work!

  12. Bran says:

    "If you're going my way … I'll walk with you."

    As always, beautifully written, beautifully imagined.

    I love your words.

  13. desirae says:

    truely amazing i love it

  14. Gir says:

    Wow. I love this poem! Your such I great writer! I can only hope that one day I will have pratciced enough to be as good as you! I love how all of your poems are like storys. I know that was already said, but, I agree, its very interesting, and it works. 😀

  15. will says:

    i think this is a real good one somthing i feel and can relate to i feel the same as the poem discribes

  16. poor_mans_goth says:

    is seems that u wrote that just for me and my group of freinds cause thats all we feel at school other than ridicul and bitterness

  17. Anna says:

    This peom is my favorite. this is my life. I am an Outcast and will forever be that way.

  18. Adrianna Walters says:

    This is a very unique poem!I love it!I know it seems as though everyone has said this but I feel you've wrote this poem about my life.Ever since I was little I've been an outcast.Well anyway you are a great writer and I can only hope that I become half as good as you.

    With Love


  19. shashanna says:

    hey thats was deep i felt wat you felt i felt and see the sam thing as i read it

  20. jess says:

    This poem is me… its everything i stand for and everything i hate in this world… i love it

  21. ashley says:

    i really love this poems..it is just like me

  22. Cody says:

    God gave you a lot of talent
    I think it is the best poem in the world

  23. Kass says:

    This is probably the best poem I have ever read. When I read it, it remined me what it is like tobe an outcast in high school. I wish that i could write poetry the way you do

  24. gothstar says:

    i think the poem was very inspiring to i think it was very related to my life and how i feel about my life and people around me what they think about me. my dad thinks i am full of hateand he thinks i am an outcast

  25. V. Smith says:

    This is me.

  26. Hunter says:

    this is a great work raven.i see that you feel alone, as i have felt, and fell now.you know its not wrong. you are happy to stand in your place, you atnd there through the knowledge that the masses aren't always right, and decisions are yours to make.none of us can choose this life of being alone, but we are who we are, that alone should empower us to stand our gound, albeit, alone.

  27. ..lya.. says:

    This is a very lovely poem and I hope to read the rest of your poems as soon as I can…

  28. Saskia says:

    You remind of myself.

  29. Lonely White Man says:

    Wow, over a year since ive been to your site. October 22nd, 2005 was last time. I see you have added more. I am now off to read those, and to read ur diary.

  30. Dark Angel says:

    This is the best poem in the world, it describes my best friend.

  31. Maurice says:

    Now this is one poem that I definately relate to. Good job.

  32. Revva says:

    Amazing. Just like my poems only longer.

  33. Randall says:

    I loved the poem it was depressing and I love depressing and it made pefect sense I loved it

  34. GothicEMO4 says:

    This is my favorite poem in the world. It sort of relates to me. When I'm by myself, no one talks to me or acknowelages my existance. No one likes me, excluding my small circle of friends…7 exactly. You are THE BEST poem writer ever!

  35. GothicEMO4 says:

    Oh yeah I alsmost forgot…I put some of these poems on my site and I'll tell people to come here to read more….is that ok????ummmm….bye!

  36. Melanie says:

    That reminds me of me…

  37. Mar says:

    Here I am at age 50 and having just read your poem for the very first time, it truly hit home! I have been an outcast in my family, my entire life. I accept it now. Your poem expresses all my thoughts, fears and emotions. Thank you. Well written.

  38. skitz says:

    I feel like that a lot lately- maybe everyone does

  39. griselda says:

    i hate this this stinks, i like deap but this is horible god, well you tried

  40. Graves says:

    i really enjoyed reading this…it is a good poem and it is very heartfelt or so it seems. i enjoy when others feel so strongly about how they live and thier life unlike all these sad posers out here you know….great poem and so on so forth

  41. ticey girl says:

    ever feel like ure the oucast and ure looking in from everyone this is in so much detail but i really think there could be more!!!!!!
    love it

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