Standing alone under an evening sky
watching the world spin around me
I see the faces of lost souls
dancing in the winds of change
and pouring through the sands of time

No one sees me standing there
Turning away when I don't dance to the beat
or march to the drums of a thousand fools
They pretend I'm not there
whispering about me as if I couldn't hear
just a piece of broken furniture
a part of the scenery
simply waiting to be thrown away

But there I stand
all alone to tomorrow
quietly challenging the song around me
by refusing to sing along
Instead watching as empty hearts walk along
looking past the invisible child
just standing there
waiting for the rain

And it's there I'll stand in a thousand years
long after the dance has carried the fools away
even after my body has given in to the grip of time
my place will remain unchanged

For I am the outcast
the one who refused the dance of a thousand fools
forced to suffer the wind and the rain
and stand transparent to the world around me
But the only one to remain
when the music stops and time marches on
grinding the dancers into dust
and scattering their memory to the winds of change

Though I'm left to an empty world
you'll never see sorrow in my eyes
I'll raise my glass with the other invisible souls
as we watch the last grains in hourglass of time
trickle through to the bottom
winding down the universe
letting us know our work is done
and that the ageless can now age no more

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141 Responses to Outcast

  1. Black-Scarlet says:

    I feel like this poem is me, where I come from I am the only one who does not march to the beat of a thousand fools, and I stand alone as a outcast.
    Whithering away like a rose.
    I myself am not a bitter old ladie lol, I'm not even old, but this poem describes all of my emotions perfectly.
    And I feel like…i can't desdcribe it really but…this poem is just me.

  2. Grace says:

    I can just relate to this poem, its hard to discribe, how I am the only one . No one seems to care for me,nor care how i am doing. they never trust me because I stand alone. No one I can truly trust nor talk to. Now I stand here left away as nothing but a lost soul.

  3. Lorelei says:

    Great poem whith a strong voice. I can really relate to your work.

  4. fat boy says:

    i can totaly relate.that is a great poem!

  5. lostunicorn says:

    This is the 1st poem I've read in your site, and its like every thought I've ever had when people exclude me or ignore me. I especially like the part about marching to the drum of a thousand fools…Whenever I go anywhere or do anything I always think about how shallow everyone is, worrying about stupid superficial things. THey matter now, but ina thousand years, people shall remember me and never know of them. When the time comes, I shall raise a glass with you Raven.

  6. Ravenna Darkstar says:

    I liked your poem "Outcast" it reminds me of how I felt in grade school and am probably still going to feel in high school this year. No one understands us truly. The girls at my school call me Demon Child because they say I'm evil and weird. Its funny sometimes to sit there and watch them gabbing to each other about meaningless things like their crushes and boyfriends, they don't know what real love is, they only know lust. They're all meaningless little specks of dust in the universe and to make them look better they deny it themselves and give us the lable that is rightfully theirs.
    from another misunderstood soul on the sidelines of what is called life.

  7. Fuzzy says:

    how do u so in tuch, ure poems like relate to anyone who reads them, they are way better than mine.


  8. raven wall says:

    this is a verry touching poem it explains alot of us in the world i liked it very much

  9. selene says:

    i love this poem it touched in the sense that,thats how i feel,like going against the world. thank you

  10. moon - dancer says:

    this is fabulous. as with alot of the comments i read it does directly relate with the reader and i can relate totally, least we can look to dance to our own beat, one created out of imagination and not following along like sheep.

    fab tastic work mate 🙂

  11. sara says:

    I like this poem I can relate to it cuz I am a very different kind of person

  12. Ann says:

    Wow!!! Great poem.
    Alot of people can relate to your poetry.
    It really touched my heart and soul…..

  13. Amanda says:

    well i do really like you poem. it was very nice, youre a great writer. Ill let Andy know i visited the site after i said i wouldnt :P.

  14. Evil-One says:

    I think your poetry needs alot of work…. why dont you visit random websites… MAYBE that will help.

  15. Vinny says:

    ok the person who last commented, your on crack. Great work Raven.

  16. Shelby says:

    i agree with u Vinny that person is on crake anyways i love this poem it makes me feel something in side that i can't understaind all i can say is ur a very good ….great writer and u inspire me u rock

  17. Shawna says:

    this poem really shows how some goths and punks feel like such outsiders at school and in daily life because some people won't approach you and this is why most have friends that are like them cause others see that we are different and they are scared this is a great poem keep it up 😉

  18. Lonely White Man says:

    As i post on most of your threads, or i am begining to, excelent, altho i do not relate to this poem, seeing that I am Not the darkest person in the world, but i do understand it. But I do not understand why Alot of people who have commented on this thread have used the word "goth", for this could go along with foolish "class clowns" and, Obese people, and ugly people, ect. Why, i do not know, i really do not care, and i just wanted to post here to notify that this does not mean just for gothic origins, but for other "New" things, as well.

  19. savannah says:

    hey i loved your poem it really touched me. I'm the strange girl that no one likes so I feel as if I'm the girl that dosen't belong.

  20. Peirce says:

    Everyone has had to feel like this at some point in their life. It was very touching, everything I've ever wanted to say since i was little but didn't know how to put into words.

  21. Shadow of the Unworld says:

    This poem puts into words what I've felt for so long. I'm the girl who sits in a corner watching the rest of the fools dance, the one whos talked about behind her back just loud enough so she can hear, the one who is friends with few and who can truly identify with even fewer. I'm the freak, the outcast, the "Creepy Goth Chick" It feels good to know I'm not alone.

  22. Lorna says:

    this is really cool and i like it alot as i can relate finally something ive wanted to say for ages but not know how has been put into words for me. fantastic poem

  23. ice maiden says:

    I really related to the poem as well. This describes how I feel everyday at some time.You inspire me to write a poem.

  24. dark angel says:

    your poem is great…i can relate…keep writing and ill keep reading.

  25. Unspoken Beauty says:

    I love your poems, they are quite beautiful to read. It would be a shame and a loss if you quit writing.

  26. Kristen says:

    This is how I think I represent myself. I feel like the outcast yet I am glad I am not one of the people who are into mainstream and all the same.

    It hurts to be alone but it's better to be wise than to not be wise at all. This poem is wise. I love it.

  27. AuLani says:

    I have read it over and over again and each time I see how true it is.
    ♠~ AuLani ~♠
    ♫♪~ John§on ~♪♫

  28. Lonely white man says:

    Nice……..Geez, its been monthes since ive read that poem……My earlier Post was pretty much what i say about most of my things, but ide like to tell you, This is an excelent poem, i have wrote poems for my friends such as this one, and the exact opposite. I think you could really show you inntelligence by trying to put this into a haiku…if at all possible, it would really show people that you ARE a Prodigy.

  29. Jessi says:

    Ther's only one word that I can think of to describe your poetry. OUTSTANDING. I mean really fantastic. You are an excellent writer. Thnx for sharing this with everyone.

  30. Natali says:

    i can really relate to this one./…and it's simply amazing…raven you have such a great way with words!!!

  31. Unspoken-one says:

    it is wonderfull. I know that it speaks for a lot of popole. I am new to this websight and am looking forward to reading even more of your work.

  32. melissa says:

    hey raven,
    that is so cool!!!!yaeh but that's how I feel. like mostly everyday. So yeah keep up the good work and don't give up! but nice poetry though!
    your #1 fan,
    Gumby Blackwater

  33. cheyenne crocker says:

    hey buddy, this poem is great, i think everyone can relate to it to some extent and it really flows smoothly…keep up the good work raven xoxo

  34. Paul says:

    I like it! It's classi in a way. It's something to really look into.
    P.S I feel Public is the place this effect is at it's strongest.

  35. kincade says:

    this is a poem that relates to me a lot! and ur poem is just so deep. like, the deepness that.. urgh! i can't explain it! it's just sooooo excellent!

  36. as ur blood tricles down my blue lips says:

    truely a great acomplishmentt i must say u turned something so meak n 2 something beautiful i am so touched u turned a heartless zombie n2 a person once more

  37. Stephanie says:

    That was beautiful. You are great with words.

  38. Kacy says:

    Every body thinks just because im 13 every thing iz. ok.But its not, never has any thing been ok.Im nothing like the other people.But in my eyes their the outcast.Its a great pome, as you can tell i can really relate 2 it.

  39. slayer says:

    In a word, perfect. It is strange since that seems to match my feelings and thoughts exactly, yet I could never put it into such words. It is truly one of your greater masterpieces Raven.

  40. Tiiu says:

    This Poem Resebles me how i felt thru grade skool and now during high school no one Left To Care.

  41. Fate says:

    i fill this way sometimes.I lie….(sighs)i fill this way all the time.

  42. bloody tears says:

    i like it

  43. black light says:

    great poem for the troubled

  44. black light says:

    great poem i hope when i get better at poetry, mine will be this good

  45. silently alone says:

    That was such a good poem…..it reminds me of all the fools who get so obsesed with being "in" they forget who they are. Thx for the reminder that being me and watch all the other mindless droids is ok. You'll be highly thought of in my eyes. Hope you come out with a book of all your poems, if there as good as this one it would be a best seller and id deffinantly buy it.
    silently alone

  46. reba marie says:

    that was awesome i really like these poems

  47. blood sucker says:

    great poem

  48. eternal darkness says:

    Dearest raven i am somewhat new to this site and of the few poems i have read i can say you are a true artist and i can really relate to this poem because every person i have come in contact with has labled me an outcast because i refuse to conform to their rules i am proud to be an outcast i only hope to be as talented as you someday . thank you for your words.

  49. illwillpress says:

    this is how i feel its the best poem that can ever discibe me

  50. to_burn_the_eye says:

    excellent poem. it's the first poem of yours that ive read and it's my favourite, it just makes sense.

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